Monday, October 25, 2010

Must Have Monday: Sometimes Practical.

So for internet, I have Clear mobile internet. It's like the Verizon wireless cards but it's 4G internet and currently only in a few American cities. Obviously, Atlanta is one of them. I believe if I paid $15/month more, I could have 3G internet anywhere, but I don't really need that. And for just $35/month, I'll have internet access in any city that has Clear Coverage--and the amount of cities is really growing. A few months ago, there was only 5 or 6 cities, and now there are lots--including most of the cities I travel to--Los Angeles, Las Vegas, NYC, Boston, Philadelphia. It's not in Tampa, but since it is in Orlando and Jacksonville, I'm sure it's only a short matter of time--same thing for San Francisco.

Today I am flying from Philly back to Atlanta, and I'm a very happy camper because I've got 2 hours to kill in the airport (from the time I got here) and can get some work done because Philly has Clear coverage. I thought I had gotten the early flight out but was wrong and don't want to miss half the work day--too much to do to miss time and I don't want to work super long hours this week. I'm lucky my job can easily be done from anywhere as long as I have my laptop, internet, and my phone.

So check and see if your city has Clear internet. It's really fast, really dependable, and you can work (or play) if your stuck in traffic for forever.

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