Monday, October 4, 2010

Must Have Monday!!

These are the products that I buy at Sephora (now you see why I always ask for Sephora gift cards for birthday and Christmas). As you see, I'm a Lancome girl. Lancome never lets me down...except that they discontinued my lip gloss color a few years ago and it was PERFECT.

1. Lancome Teint Miracle - a lighter liquid foundation
2. Lancome Tropiques Minerale - loose bronzer that's not dark (which is a big plus for me since I'm fair skinned)
3.Anastasia Mini Wax Kit - I hate plucking with a passion so yes, I rip my eyes off.
4. Lancome Tonique Douceur - freshening toner - non-alcohol so it's gentle.
5. Lancome Galatee Confort - a milky cleanser--much better for your skin than soapy cleansers. Soapy cleansers are way harsh on your skin.
6. Lancome Bienfait MultiVital - a lightweight moisturizer with an SPF 30 and lots of vitamins (you MUST have at least spf 15 on your face everyday no matter what--even if it's cloudy...unless you like premature deep lines and wrinkles)
7. Dr. Brandt Lineless Lines No More - this is a lines/wrinkles treatment that I haven't tried yet but I'm now considering since last week I realized that I have a big, giant, ugly wrinkle on my forehead. Yeah, I freaked out.
8. Skyn Iceland Relief Eye Pen - Depuffs/tightens. LOVE.
9. Miss Dior Cherie - perfume...only needs to be purchased every other year.
10. Lancome La Base Pro - primer. Gives the airbrushed, flawless look.
11. Anastasia Tinted Brow Tamer Gel - Creates order and color in 1 step.
12. Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital Night - When I turned 24, I had a quarter life crisis and started buying anti-aging stuff. It's never too soon to start. Many might not know that night is the best time for this as your face is not exposed to the pollutions in the outside air. Get a night specific cream - from a higher end brand (like this one--higher end brands cost more for a reason--they're more potent) and put it on every night.

Those are my must-haves (for 20somethings). Lancome has GREAT skincare for anti-aging--Lancome Genefique and Renergie...for the over-zealous 20somethings and then 30s and beyond.

Now if you look them up at you will most definitely understand why I ask for sephora gift cards for birthday and Christmas--this stuff isn't cheap...but it's worth it. Occasionally I'll pick up other stuff at sephora--but for the most part, Maybelline is my go-to for blush, lipcolor, and sometimes eyeshadow (also use MAC for eyeshadow), and I LOVE Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara.

This was a big must-have Monday...but now you know how I make myself pretty lol

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