Sunday, October 3, 2010

Something to Say Saturday

ok, so it's Sunday, I didn't feel like thinking yesterday.

Upon hearing that a fifth student committed suicide because of bullying, I just got so mad. I don't understand bullying. I know I heard about bullies when I was growing up, but that was on tv. I went to MANY schools, mostly private but one public--in NJ, NE, TX, PA--but I don't remember bullying ever really happening. There were the typical rumors, but never outright face-to-face public (or cyber) bullying. To hear what kids go through these days is just awful. It's truly amazing how much school, at all levels, has changed. Elementary and Middle School kids know things that I didn't know until college--and they DO those things. I still don't do most of those things. But the meanness of kids has grown so horrible that kids are killing themselves?? How do these kids even know that suicide is an option? And where are these bullies getting the ideas in their head that they can make fun of and torture kids for particular reasons? There is NEVER any reason to bully or make fun of another human being. You don't have to agree with people, or like them, but you do have to be kind--everyone is a child of GOD. Do you really want to have to stand before God and atone for the fact that you tortured one of His children?

And those people who aren't being bullied or doing the bullying--what are you doing to stop it? Do you just look away? Do you stay silent? That's just as bad as bullying. Stand up for victims--don't think for one second what it could do to your reputation. Just stand up for the victim. A bully believes he's the majority--he has the power. If people stand up for the victims, then bullies will begin to back down. We also have to remember that the bully bullies out of fear or feeling threatened. Bullies pick on the people they fear the most--and a lot of the time they fear them the most because they remind the bully of what he hates about himself.

Stand up for the Victims--Stop the Bullying. NOW.

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