Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Kennel

So I took Quincy to the new kennel this morning. I'm pretty sure they think I'm totally nuts.

A lady came out to get Quincy and his stuff and she looked at his Spiderman backpack and said, "whoa" lol

But I hate taking Quincy to a kennel so I try and make sure that he has everything he needs to be comfortable (except for me):

-Dog Bed (a cheapy one that's just for the kennel)
-Super soft blanket
-My old stuffed bear, Boo-Boo (even though it's not very stuffed anymore)
-His dog food (each serving in a separate baggie)
-His treats (one before bed)
-And all this (except the dog bed) is in his very own Spiderman backpack.

Ok, so I really may be nuts when it comes to the dog...but at least I'm not making the kennel give him a heaping tablespoon of plain yogurt after breakfast every morning.

As you can probably deduce, my dog is spoiled...with serious entitlement issues. And yes, I'm aware it's completely my own fault.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I don't understand the new TSA procedure...I mean, I get that they think it will up the security which is great, but what is with the opting out thing? First of all, the xray machines aren't like Superman x-ray vision, they don't really show your secrets, so I don't get why you'd want to opt out? I'd much rather go through even a Superman-type x-ray then to opt-out and be groped by a stranger.

Is that how it works though? Because I've seen so many different news stories...some say you choose xray or grope, or you don't get to choose and it's just luck of the draw, or if your super lucky (note sarcasm) you get to do both.

I personally would prefer the x-ray machine scanner thing, but frankly, whatever line is moving the fastest and whichever method is going to get me to the other side of the security checkpoint the fastest is what I would like. I don't like waiting in lines...especially at the airport where it is my belief that stupid people congregate the most often and in the greatest quantities.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


So I just cleaned EVERYTHING. And then I counted my shoes. I counted 39, and then looked up and realized there was another pair on the shelf. So I have 40 pairs of shoes.

In my defense it takes a LOT for me to throw out a pair of shoes so they accumulate. And I have gotten rid of a lot in the past year. ...which probably doesn't help my case.

I like shoes.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Last summer I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme pain in my abdomen. Ended up going to the hospital because I thought I was dying...and also because we couldn't remember if the appendix was on the left or right. Let me tell you this--if you live in jersey and ever have to go to an emergency room DO NOT GO TO HUNTERDON MEDICAL. They're ER is AWFUL. They're just super rude and ridiculous. It's like my one grandma says about Lapeer Hospital in Michigan (which she lives 2 minutes from)--she'd rather die on the way to Flint than go to Lapeer Hospital. If I still lived in Jersey, I would rather endure the pain longer to go to Robert Wood Johnson or Morristown.

Anyway, it turned out to be kidney stones which is weird since I was only 24. Well at that age it was almost certain that I would have them again. In light of this I held on to one percocet for just such an occasion. Yesterday morning about 3am I woke up with this pain in my back...when it didn't go away and got sharper I just said "oh crap"--and then I couldn't find my percocet that I'd been saving for over a year. I also didn't have any ibuprofen, so from about 3am until 8am I writhed in pain on the bathroom floor. Why the bathroom floor? Because the pain with a kidney stone is so bad that you throw up at any given moment. You also pass out from the pain. So I was just safer on the bathroom floor. About 11 I got ibuprofen, downed them and prayed I could keep them down. Next thing I knew I was waking up in early afternoon and felt great. So great that I decided to go roll the tv into my bedroom. I also looked in the mirror on my way and yikes...not a pretty site. Unfortunately that was probably too much effort and the pain came back and I downed more advil...and then 1 every hour on the hour for good measure. Luckily my father is in Atlanta this week otherwise I wouldn't have had ibuprofen or would've had to try to go to the store myself which would've been nearly impossible. I couldn't really walk the dog, so he came over to walk Quincy and bring me Cheetos around dinner time (Clearly I was feeling better).

It's been said that kidney stones are more painful than child birth...and since I went through the hardest part without any drugs, I think giving birth will be a piece of cake. Especially since I will be demanding that beautiful epidural.

I'm doing better. The pain comes periodically so I'm still takin the ibuprofen like clockwork, but I'm back at work today. I probably could've worked from home but my power cord for my computer was at work so I came in.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


With friends from my semester in DC on a "dinner cruise" on the Potomac.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Dreams Are Crushed.

Oh wait, still hope:

Things That Make Me Laugh Tuesday

A friend of mine posted this on her blog (JJ is her boyfriend). Now if you don't watch Gossip Girl, and also maybe if you don't know Kristina, this may not be funny to you. But to me, I nearly died laughing. And I needed a laugh this morning. So thank you Kristina and JJ (even though I haven't met JJ yet).

Monday, November 15, 2010

Must Have Monday: Flirty Pajamas

Well, at least they SAY 'Flirty'...

I couldn't resist. And they are actually really comfortable...except they should make either the torso or legs longer (in my opinion as someone who has long legs).

Don't worry, I don't leave the house in these...except to walk the dog, but I put on the knee-length coat, uggs, and it's dark outside.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

High Heels

I'm of the belief that one can never have too many shoes. I love heels. I don't always love how they feel, but they look great.

Yesterday I watched an old black & white film with Bing Crosby in it and one of the male characters, during a scene in which they were trying to get a homely looking woman to dress more womanly, said, "Men never make passes at flat-heeled lasses."

That's got to be one of the best movie lines I've ever heard next to "I'm as nervous as a whore in church."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Blondes Have More Fun

All I need are platinum highlights and my hair (and I) will be happy. I tried the brownish-auburn for about a month and just wasn't happy with it. So now it's back to blonde. I've decided that while other colors may look nice, the best bet is usually in the same color range as your natural hair color.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Vet Again...

I dropped Quincy off at the Vet about 7 this morning...and 7 hours later they still haven't called me to pick him up. How long does it take to look at a paw and see it's healing/not infected? They are also supposed to tell me what came back from the path lab (they had to remove a growth from the bottom of his paw). I'm praying it was just a fluke and that he's fine. I really think it developed because of allergies. Hah, when I suggested that to the vet she looked at me and said "you googled..."--I bet vets and people doctors really hate the internet.

It also better be the vet dr. from last week because the blonde one keeps pushing for a thyroid test...HE DOESN'T HAVE THYROID PROBLEMS! He is on new food and has had a hurt paw for 2 weeks so any kind of exercise wasn't possible. Plus he's only 3 pounds overweight. Once I can walk him again, he'll lose it.

And yes this is the kazillionth time I've taken him to the vet. At least it seems like it. I've definitely been to the vet every single week in the past 4 weeks--and twice one week. First it was just his normal 6 month shots and exam...then he had an ear infection and now the paw. He turned 9 and all of a sudden he starts fallin apart. I hate thinking he's in pain though so I take him to the vet. I can practically hear my wallet wimper when I pull into the vet parking lot...and then when I take the wallet out inside the office, it practically starts screaming like a tantrum-throwing toddler. The pet insurance helps a little, but I still pay for all the emergency type things and medicines and xrays and surgeries/procedures...and this hurt paw thing is horrendous. I knocked the cost down a couple hundred (you do NOT want to know how much I still had to pay) because I felt there was no real need for full body x-rays for a paw...especially since I sat there and watched her check him all over for any other growths (of which there were none).

I also understand that it is PetSmart's Banfield Pet Hospital and they make their money solely off all the extra procedures/x-rays so they push them more. I've had to learn that I'm not a bad dog-mommy because I say no to certain things and that I shouldn't let the vet push me into things. I'm also glad that I spent 15 years going to vet appointments for Lassie (my sheltie growing up and yes we really did name HIM Lassie) with my mom. So I know what to expect from the vet doctors and what is a reasonable course of action...and I also know a lot about shelties (which is also what Quincy is) so I know what to expect as the years go by. Although Lassie never had this current growth on a paw problem...although I think he did have a couple fatty tumors.

I also think my mom gets a kick out of me calling her with dog issues...cuz I've probably already googled--or worse visited so I'm slightly freaking out and she has to tell me (again) to stop going to (which really only provides you with horrible worst-case scenarios). Also, new discovery, I also should not look at the disease brochures in the Vet's office...
"Do you remember Pound Puppies? I loved that cartoon. I watched some of it with Amelia this morning."

I'm laughing hysterically at the picture that comes to mind of my brother watching a dog cartoon with his tiny puggle...

Of course there was the time I tried to watch and old b&w Lassie movie with Quincy. He was actually pretty into it--so interested in the dog on the screen that looks just like him. At least he was until it started storming in the movie and Quincy ran off to hide (he's insanely scared of thunder). I will say that Quincy seems to really enjoy Cheers.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day

I know very few people who served or serve in the armed forces. The one that pops into my mind most is my friend Aaron. Aaron's a marine (now a DC cop) and he spent time in the Pacific and he did one tour in Iraq. I've been good friends with Aaron since high school and it was great when he was stationed at Pendleton in San Diego my senior year of college so I got to see him. He's a great guy--got married a couple years ago and seriously has one of the absolute cutest baby in the world. He's like a boy-version of Suri Cruise. But, this is Aaron and I in San Diego at this fancy shmancy restaurant Mister A's:

And, while I have absolutely no memory of what these boys' names are, I went with them to the Naval Academy Ball in Annapolis in Spring of 2006:

Since the Civil War, only 2 family members that I know of have served--my Great-Uncle John and my Great-Uncle Ralph. They both served in WWII. I believe Uncle Ralph was a POW, but was rescued at some point. I do know that my great-great-great-great grandfather William Stephens Smith fought in the Revolutionary War alongside George Washington (he then married my Great (x4) Grandmother Nabby Adams, daughter of President John Adams...and then ruined Nabby's life). Now, I also have another Great(x4 or 5)-Grandfather who fought in the Revolution but he was a loyalist and fought on the British side and then ran away to Canada and his descendents didn't come back to America until my great-grandma immigrated (can you immigrate from Canada? Does that really count?)

Anyways, Thank you to all the Veterans past and present, peacetime and wartime, for your sacrifice to fight for our freedoms that we too often take for granted.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas

A cop seriously pulled into the gas station behind me today and crawled past me when I stopped at the pump and then parked himself a few feet in front of me--not getting out and not turning off the car--just sitting there. Now I'm a tad paranoid because I've had a GA license for 6 months and still haven't gotten my car registered so I'm convinced he's literally waiting for me to get back in the car so he can get me. I decided to put my Jersey license plates and the somewhat well-known fact that it's illegal to pump your own gas in Jersey and took my sweet dandy time trying to figure out how to work the gas pump. And then I stood there and held the handle (with 2 hands, it was kinda stiff) rather than clipping it so it stays on itself. And then when the tank was full, the cop was still there so I then fumbled trying to get the handle back on the pump...then looked at the screen that beeped at me and printed a receipt. As the receipt was printing, the cop FINALLY decided he was bored and took off.

Now he could've been there for an entirely different reason that had nothing to do with me, but oh well. At least I'm sure I provided some entertainment for the other people around me getting gas. I was born to be an entertainer...even if at my own expense.


So my Grandma fell on Monday and broke her rib and punctured her lung and she's in the hospital. She had to have a chest tube put in last night because the lung was collapsing more but she's one of the toughest broads I have ever known and is known for saying "Getting old isn't for sissies." So she will be fine and right back on that ladder in no time (although we wish she wouldn't get on the ladder). But in honor of her, here is a picture of her and me at Greenfield Village (which is Ford's historical village thing in Detroit and where they oddly moved all of Edison's lab stuff even though his lab was in jersey):

I think this was taken right before junior year of college so...2005

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bonus Must Have

Do you like candy canes? Do you like oreos?


They are seriously amazing. They taste like peppermint oreos. The only thing I don't like is the double-stuffed-ness because I don't like double-stuffed oreos, but I suppose with the special kinds they have to be double-stuffed. Still, even if you are like me and don't like double-stuffed (can I say double-stuffed one more time?), you will love these.

Must Have Monday

So, I've used eyeshadow primer since my junior year of college (about 5 years). It's a miraculous invention that keeps your eyeshadow on and perfect all day long. I decided to write about this because this morning I had it with the primer I've been using.

I used to love Too Faced Insurance. I've used it for about a year but this new tube I got isn't what it used to be. Maybe it's just the batch, but it's too liquidy or oily or something. I'm going to try something new...or go back to the old.

For about 4 years I used MAC's prep and prime and I never stopped loving it so I'm not sure why I ever switched. Or maybe I did stop loving it but don't remember and am just angry at the current brand. No...I'm pretty sure it was great. I've heard great things about Laura Mercier's eye primer so I think I'll try that.

Also must have, is face primer. This product from Too Faced I LOVE (but I have to get a new tube, so hopefully it doesn't end up like the eye primer):

It's truly amazing. If you have absolutely flawless skin and just want something to even everything out, this is perfect for you since it's slightly tinted and will get you photo ready as well. If you don't have flawless skin, this is even more perfect. It evens everything out and then you can apply makeup as normal AND makes you completely photo ready (you never know when your picture might be taken). Proof? Here is an unretouched photo of me:

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Weekends are too short.

That is all.

Friday, November 5, 2010


My church's Christmas album is out (one of the best worship teams in the country...probably world) and so I just clicked to look and see what songs--I am one of those "No Christmas music before Thanksgiving" people, so I won't actually buy any songs yet, but I did just listen to 30 seconds of a couple songs. I've determined that for some reason, I cannot listen to 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' without at least tearing up. Christmas is still kind of hard for me, and hasn't been so merry the past few years so maybe that's why. Christmas isn't crap by any means, it's just not like it used to be. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Christmas will get better when I've got a ring on my finger. I don't find happiness in a man, but it doesn't hurt to have one during the holidays ;) Oh, by the way, the album is on itunes - North Point Christmas.

I also checked out the missions trips for 2011. There's one for Seville, Spain to teach English to locals in a church. I'm guessing that's a catholic church because I spent a LOT of time walking around that city and never once saw a non-catholic church. But that's ok. Anyway, I immediately chuckled going, that's the perfect trip for me. I know how to get around Seville (which is extremely difficult) and that is where I got my certificate to teach English (by actually teaching). Except I lived a very different life when I was in Seville than I live now and it is slightly intimidating and scary to think about going back there. But maybe that's why God had me discover the trip. Perhaps I'm supposed to go back--and do things differently this time--even if it's just for a week or 10 days. I have very very few regrets in life, but the way I lived in Spain is the biggest. It'd be nice to get another chance.

Fun Stuff Friday

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Travel Thursday: Picture Perfect

(Essex, CT at Christmas time)

Ok, so for at least 4 years I've wanted to live in a Gilmore Girls town. The cute, picture perfect new england town with crazy people in it (and I'd fall in love with the coffee guy of course). I've searched for a town that at least looks like the tv town...I've come close, and frankly the town I actually grew up in/by comes very very close, but it's still different. I even once went to the town the show was supposedly based off of...nope not even close. However, I do know there are towns that exist--particularly in Connecticut. I've started thinking about this all again since I walked into the mall the other day and heard a Christmas song playing and after saying to myself "seriously, still too soon for Christmas music" I couldn't get Christmas out of my head and then I thought about how sad it is that I'm not in the Northeast for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. I LOVE Christmastime up north where its cold and there's at least a chance of flurries. At least in CA we could go to this outdoor mall that was set up to replicate a New England town and once Thanksgiving hit, everyday at 7pm it would start snowing in the town square. Granted, the snow was actually soapy flakes, but made me feel happy. And I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets the happy 'snow in a small Northeastern town' feeling because hello, Christmas in Connecticut and Happy Holidays are two movies set for the most part in Connecticut at Christmas time.

Another part of this is Christmas in the City (NYC). Nearly every year of my life, I've gone into NYC on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday--or both. Knowing that that won't happen this year is kind of breaking my heart. There is nothing like the city at Christmas time--the whole energy is different. I don't even mind the highly tourist-populated areas. I might not be going at Thanksgiving, but I will be going--if just for a weekend--to NYC between Thanksgiving and New Years...even if I have to drive it.

I also, at least once in my life, would like to visit Bavaria Germany at Christmas time.

Now you all probably want Christmas to come faster. :o)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Opinion time

I consider myself to be a Moderate Republican, possibly Independent (in a non-green, non-libertarian party way).

I think it's good to show Obama that many Americans really are not okay with what he is doing, and ya know, since he wasn't really listening to polls and such, an election stand was probably necessary. Here's the problem though: near-complete gridlock for the next 2 years. I'm thinking this republican and tea party (they aren't the same) stand wasn't thought through very well. Without control of BOTH the House and Senate, with the Senate and President being Democrat...Republicans still aren't going to get their initiatives (some good some bad) passed. It won't be bipartisan because both the democratic and republican parties are very stubborn, grudge-holding, and mean-spirited as far as politics go. I'm sure there are exceptions on both sides though. Congress will be all fighting and no helping. I read something that said "Pelosi is the first female EX-speaker" This is a true statement. But it also implies that she is going to go away. Pelosi will never go away...she may not be the Speaker of the House anymore, but she is definitely not the type to just sit and take it. She's going to open her mouth and squawk more than she ever did. So not looking forward to that...

I'm not sure the Republican wins were a step up...more like a step forwards--or sideways. It's my opinion that the Republican party needs a major overhaul--and not in the Tea Party I'm not entirely sure I want a Republican majority until they fix themselves a bit.

My former co-worker, Russ, posted this on FB, and I think it's pretty darn perfect:

"With the elections finally over, Americans are looking forward to amicable bi-partisan policies being passed which will help the American people. Nah, just kidding. We know you're just going to piss in each other's cornflakes while blaming Bush and Obama and (oh I don't know) McKinley for everything."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things That Make Me Laugh: Election 2010

1. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Together, Separate, I love them. They should run for president in 2012...Stewart Prez, Stephen VP and then they can swap halfway through.

2. This picture of Christine O'Donnell:

Halloween box of Munchkins. Bold choice. Now, are those chocolate glazed or 'eye of newt' munchkins in there? Perhaps she should've boned up on her Constitution instead of stopping for donuts. Just sayin...

3. I parked front and center at the high school to vote in Georgia. I hope they enjoyed my New Jersey license plates.

4. There were soooo many unopposed candidates that I couldn't refrain and voted for myself. Get ready for Judge Jacquie kids. (too bad write-in's don't actually count as a vote in GA)

5. Party Politics. If I don't laugh, I'll scream, so therefore I choose to laugh.