Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day

I know very few people who served or serve in the armed forces. The one that pops into my mind most is my friend Aaron. Aaron's a marine (now a DC cop) and he spent time in the Pacific and he did one tour in Iraq. I've been good friends with Aaron since high school and it was great when he was stationed at Pendleton in San Diego my senior year of college so I got to see him. He's a great guy--got married a couple years ago and seriously has one of the absolute cutest baby in the world. He's like a boy-version of Suri Cruise. But, this is Aaron and I in San Diego at this fancy shmancy restaurant Mister A's:

And, while I have absolutely no memory of what these boys' names are, I went with them to the Naval Academy Ball in Annapolis in Spring of 2006:

Since the Civil War, only 2 family members that I know of have served--my Great-Uncle John and my Great-Uncle Ralph. They both served in WWII. I believe Uncle Ralph was a POW, but was rescued at some point. I do know that my great-great-great-great grandfather William Stephens Smith fought in the Revolutionary War alongside George Washington (he then married my Great (x4) Grandmother Nabby Adams, daughter of President John Adams...and then ruined Nabby's life). Now, I also have another Great(x4 or 5)-Grandfather who fought in the Revolution but he was a loyalist and fought on the British side and then ran away to Canada and his descendents didn't come back to America until my great-grandma immigrated (can you immigrate from Canada? Does that really count?)

Anyways, Thank you to all the Veterans past and present, peacetime and wartime, for your sacrifice to fight for our freedoms that we too often take for granted.


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