Friday, November 19, 2010


Last summer I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme pain in my abdomen. Ended up going to the hospital because I thought I was dying...and also because we couldn't remember if the appendix was on the left or right. Let me tell you this--if you live in jersey and ever have to go to an emergency room DO NOT GO TO HUNTERDON MEDICAL. They're ER is AWFUL. They're just super rude and ridiculous. It's like my one grandma says about Lapeer Hospital in Michigan (which she lives 2 minutes from)--she'd rather die on the way to Flint than go to Lapeer Hospital. If I still lived in Jersey, I would rather endure the pain longer to go to Robert Wood Johnson or Morristown.

Anyway, it turned out to be kidney stones which is weird since I was only 24. Well at that age it was almost certain that I would have them again. In light of this I held on to one percocet for just such an occasion. Yesterday morning about 3am I woke up with this pain in my back...when it didn't go away and got sharper I just said "oh crap"--and then I couldn't find my percocet that I'd been saving for over a year. I also didn't have any ibuprofen, so from about 3am until 8am I writhed in pain on the bathroom floor. Why the bathroom floor? Because the pain with a kidney stone is so bad that you throw up at any given moment. You also pass out from the pain. So I was just safer on the bathroom floor. About 11 I got ibuprofen, downed them and prayed I could keep them down. Next thing I knew I was waking up in early afternoon and felt great. So great that I decided to go roll the tv into my bedroom. I also looked in the mirror on my way and yikes...not a pretty site. Unfortunately that was probably too much effort and the pain came back and I downed more advil...and then 1 every hour on the hour for good measure. Luckily my father is in Atlanta this week otherwise I wouldn't have had ibuprofen or would've had to try to go to the store myself which would've been nearly impossible. I couldn't really walk the dog, so he came over to walk Quincy and bring me Cheetos around dinner time (Clearly I was feeling better).

It's been said that kidney stones are more painful than child birth...and since I went through the hardest part without any drugs, I think giving birth will be a piece of cake. Especially since I will be demanding that beautiful epidural.

I'm doing better. The pain comes periodically so I'm still takin the ibuprofen like clockwork, but I'm back at work today. I probably could've worked from home but my power cord for my computer was at work so I came in.

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