Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas

A cop seriously pulled into the gas station behind me today and crawled past me when I stopped at the pump and then parked himself a few feet in front of me--not getting out and not turning off the car--just sitting there. Now I'm a tad paranoid because I've had a GA license for 6 months and still haven't gotten my car registered so I'm convinced he's literally waiting for me to get back in the car so he can get me. I decided to put my Jersey license plates and the somewhat well-known fact that it's illegal to pump your own gas in Jersey and took my sweet dandy time trying to figure out how to work the gas pump. And then I stood there and held the handle (with 2 hands, it was kinda stiff) rather than clipping it so it stays on itself. And then when the tank was full, the cop was still there so I then fumbled trying to get the handle back on the pump...then looked at the screen that beeped at me and printed a receipt. As the receipt was printing, the cop FINALLY decided he was bored and took off.

Now he could've been there for an entirely different reason that had nothing to do with me, but oh well. At least I'm sure I provided some entertainment for the other people around me getting gas. I was born to be an entertainer...even if at my own expense.

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