Monday, November 8, 2010

Must Have Monday

So, I've used eyeshadow primer since my junior year of college (about 5 years). It's a miraculous invention that keeps your eyeshadow on and perfect all day long. I decided to write about this because this morning I had it with the primer I've been using.

I used to love Too Faced Insurance. I've used it for about a year but this new tube I got isn't what it used to be. Maybe it's just the batch, but it's too liquidy or oily or something. I'm going to try something new...or go back to the old.

For about 4 years I used MAC's prep and prime and I never stopped loving it so I'm not sure why I ever switched. Or maybe I did stop loving it but don't remember and am just angry at the current brand. No...I'm pretty sure it was great. I've heard great things about Laura Mercier's eye primer so I think I'll try that.

Also must have, is face primer. This product from Too Faced I LOVE (but I have to get a new tube, so hopefully it doesn't end up like the eye primer):

It's truly amazing. If you have absolutely flawless skin and just want something to even everything out, this is perfect for you since it's slightly tinted and will get you photo ready as well. If you don't have flawless skin, this is even more perfect. It evens everything out and then you can apply makeup as normal AND makes you completely photo ready (you never know when your picture might be taken). Proof? Here is an unretouched photo of me:

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