Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Opinion time

I consider myself to be a Moderate Republican, possibly Independent (in a non-green, non-libertarian party way).

I think it's good to show Obama that many Americans really are not okay with what he is doing, and ya know, since he wasn't really listening to polls and such, an election stand was probably necessary. Here's the problem though: near-complete gridlock for the next 2 years. I'm thinking this republican and tea party (they aren't the same) stand wasn't thought through very well. Without control of BOTH the House and Senate, with the Senate and President being Democrat...Republicans still aren't going to get their initiatives (some good some bad) passed. It won't be bipartisan because both the democratic and republican parties are very stubborn, grudge-holding, and mean-spirited as far as politics go. I'm sure there are exceptions on both sides though. Congress will be all fighting and no helping. I read something that said "Pelosi is the first female EX-speaker" This is a true statement. But it also implies that she is going to go away. Pelosi will never go away...she may not be the Speaker of the House anymore, but she is definitely not the type to just sit and take it. She's going to open her mouth and squawk more than she ever did. So not looking forward to that...

I'm not sure the Republican wins were a step up...more like a step forwards--or sideways. It's my opinion that the Republican party needs a major overhaul--and not in the Tea Party I'm not entirely sure I want a Republican majority until they fix themselves a bit.

My former co-worker, Russ, posted this on FB, and I think it's pretty darn perfect:

"With the elections finally over, Americans are looking forward to amicable bi-partisan policies being passed which will help the American people. Nah, just kidding. We know you're just going to piss in each other's cornflakes while blaming Bush and Obama and (oh I don't know) McKinley for everything."

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