Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things That Make Me Laugh: Election 2010

1. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Together, Separate, I love them. They should run for president in 2012...Stewart Prez, Stephen VP and then they can swap halfway through.

2. This picture of Christine O'Donnell:

Halloween box of Munchkins. Bold choice. Now, are those chocolate glazed or 'eye of newt' munchkins in there? Perhaps she should've boned up on her Constitution instead of stopping for donuts. Just sayin...

3. I parked front and center at the high school to vote in Georgia. I hope they enjoyed my New Jersey license plates.

4. There were soooo many unopposed candidates that I couldn't refrain and voted for myself. Get ready for Judge Jacquie kids. (too bad write-in's don't actually count as a vote in GA)

5. Party Politics. If I don't laugh, I'll scream, so therefore I choose to laugh.

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