Thursday, November 4, 2010

Travel Thursday: Picture Perfect

(Essex, CT at Christmas time)

Ok, so for at least 4 years I've wanted to live in a Gilmore Girls town. The cute, picture perfect new england town with crazy people in it (and I'd fall in love with the coffee guy of course). I've searched for a town that at least looks like the tv town...I've come close, and frankly the town I actually grew up in/by comes very very close, but it's still different. I even once went to the town the show was supposedly based off of...nope not even close. However, I do know there are towns that exist--particularly in Connecticut. I've started thinking about this all again since I walked into the mall the other day and heard a Christmas song playing and after saying to myself "seriously, still too soon for Christmas music" I couldn't get Christmas out of my head and then I thought about how sad it is that I'm not in the Northeast for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. I LOVE Christmastime up north where its cold and there's at least a chance of flurries. At least in CA we could go to this outdoor mall that was set up to replicate a New England town and once Thanksgiving hit, everyday at 7pm it would start snowing in the town square. Granted, the snow was actually soapy flakes, but made me feel happy. And I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets the happy 'snow in a small Northeastern town' feeling because hello, Christmas in Connecticut and Happy Holidays are two movies set for the most part in Connecticut at Christmas time.

Another part of this is Christmas in the City (NYC). Nearly every year of my life, I've gone into NYC on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday--or both. Knowing that that won't happen this year is kind of breaking my heart. There is nothing like the city at Christmas time--the whole energy is different. I don't even mind the highly tourist-populated areas. I might not be going at Thanksgiving, but I will be going--if just for a weekend--to NYC between Thanksgiving and New Years...even if I have to drive it.

I also, at least once in my life, would like to visit Bavaria Germany at Christmas time.

Now you all probably want Christmas to come faster. :o)

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