Monday, November 22, 2010


I don't understand the new TSA procedure...I mean, I get that they think it will up the security which is great, but what is with the opting out thing? First of all, the xray machines aren't like Superman x-ray vision, they don't really show your secrets, so I don't get why you'd want to opt out? I'd much rather go through even a Superman-type x-ray then to opt-out and be groped by a stranger.

Is that how it works though? Because I've seen so many different news stories...some say you choose xray or grope, or you don't get to choose and it's just luck of the draw, or if your super lucky (note sarcasm) you get to do both.

I personally would prefer the x-ray machine scanner thing, but frankly, whatever line is moving the fastest and whichever method is going to get me to the other side of the security checkpoint the fastest is what I would like. I don't like waiting in lines...especially at the airport where it is my belief that stupid people congregate the most often and in the greatest quantities.

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