Friday, November 12, 2010

Vet Again...

I dropped Quincy off at the Vet about 7 this morning...and 7 hours later they still haven't called me to pick him up. How long does it take to look at a paw and see it's healing/not infected? They are also supposed to tell me what came back from the path lab (they had to remove a growth from the bottom of his paw). I'm praying it was just a fluke and that he's fine. I really think it developed because of allergies. Hah, when I suggested that to the vet she looked at me and said "you googled..."--I bet vets and people doctors really hate the internet.

It also better be the vet dr. from last week because the blonde one keeps pushing for a thyroid test...HE DOESN'T HAVE THYROID PROBLEMS! He is on new food and has had a hurt paw for 2 weeks so any kind of exercise wasn't possible. Plus he's only 3 pounds overweight. Once I can walk him again, he'll lose it.

And yes this is the kazillionth time I've taken him to the vet. At least it seems like it. I've definitely been to the vet every single week in the past 4 weeks--and twice one week. First it was just his normal 6 month shots and exam...then he had an ear infection and now the paw. He turned 9 and all of a sudden he starts fallin apart. I hate thinking he's in pain though so I take him to the vet. I can practically hear my wallet wimper when I pull into the vet parking lot...and then when I take the wallet out inside the office, it practically starts screaming like a tantrum-throwing toddler. The pet insurance helps a little, but I still pay for all the emergency type things and medicines and xrays and surgeries/procedures...and this hurt paw thing is horrendous. I knocked the cost down a couple hundred (you do NOT want to know how much I still had to pay) because I felt there was no real need for full body x-rays for a paw...especially since I sat there and watched her check him all over for any other growths (of which there were none).

I also understand that it is PetSmart's Banfield Pet Hospital and they make their money solely off all the extra procedures/x-rays so they push them more. I've had to learn that I'm not a bad dog-mommy because I say no to certain things and that I shouldn't let the vet push me into things. I'm also glad that I spent 15 years going to vet appointments for Lassie (my sheltie growing up and yes we really did name HIM Lassie) with my mom. So I know what to expect from the vet doctors and what is a reasonable course of action...and I also know a lot about shelties (which is also what Quincy is) so I know what to expect as the years go by. Although Lassie never had this current growth on a paw problem...although I think he did have a couple fatty tumors.

I also think my mom gets a kick out of me calling her with dog issues...cuz I've probably already googled--or worse visited so I'm slightly freaking out and she has to tell me (again) to stop going to (which really only provides you with horrible worst-case scenarios). Also, new discovery, I also should not look at the disease brochures in the Vet's office...

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