Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Blonde Has A Brainfart...It Happens Sometimes

I was having issues the first half of the day with processing things...made the HORRIBLE mistake of typing "NoCal" on an update and as a result, I've been hypothetically relocated from the Johnson's garage to their garbage. Evidently, 'NoCal' is a derogatory term to those living in Northern California. I personally don't think I should be held accountable though because a) I'm not from California so I really don't know these things, and b)I'm blonde...sometimes I have brainfarts. I'll get back on their good sides eventually.

Anyway, so that post had to do with needing to get something to the CA Secretary of State--and today...although turns out it wouldn't really make any difference time-wise. This is information that I found out when I had to call the Secretary of State's office for a status update. Let me start by saying this is not something you ever want to have to do. The people at the CA Sect. of State do everything possible to avoid actually having to speak to you and so they have this totally massive phone answering system that basically sends you on a wild goose chase from hell. I tried 9 different options, each one landing me right back at the beginning again and NEVER an option to speak to a human. Now, in most phone systems, if you push '0' they send you to an operator. So, after the 9th trip around the proverbial block, I pushed '0' which I got a pause and then something along the lines of "your selection is not a valid option." ...Clearly. So, I took a 10th trip around the merry-go-round, or helly-go-round--there's nothing merry about this particular carousel--and decided to shake things up and started pushing various buttons on the phone in a somewhat aggressive manner. BINGO! The phone went silent and then I hear "we're sorry you are having difficulty, please wait while we connect your call". hahahahah suckers! I know the secret! Meanwhile I got a woman who's first language is definitely not English who seemed annoyed that I would call and asked rather condescendingly if I'd checked the website. Where do you think I got the phone number? I wanted a different answer than the website gave me so I called. Don't get perturbed just because I managed to bypass that ridiculous never-ending computerized phone system.

Again, I apologize to Jess, Laura, and Kim (and Ashley although she didn't give me a hard time, or she didn't see it)...I will never defame the northern half of california ever again, even by accident.

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