Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmahanukwanzica!

Whatever you celebrate, I hope it was merry!

I personally celebrate Christmas, but it was never a tradition in my family to go to Christmas Eve service. I'm not sure why because we were always at church for everything else...every Sunday morning, every sunday night (if there was evening service) and every Wednesday night. Somehow the Christmas Eve service always got pushed aside. Of course, that was probably because we were never home for Christmas Eve and Day--we were always in Michigan at grandparents' houses and sometimes we were driving through the night on Christmas Eve. My grandparents aren't Christmas Eve service people either despite ALWAYS being in Church on Sunday mornings and evenings. It's so odd. I have been to Christmas Eve service a couple times in my life and I loved both times. There's a special magic in the air at church on Christmas Eve that feels special. I've noticed churches in my area having midnight Christmas eve services--even the non-Catholic ones. I think that'd be great--leaving the Christmas Eve service first thing Christmas morning. Of course, that wouldn't work if you do the whole santa thing since the kids are supposed to be asleep at midnight but I guess you could fix it saying he came a few minutes early...Or just go to the earlier Christmas eve service once you have kids. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the whole santa thing when I have kids. I don't have a problem with Santa, but it seems like a lot of work to lie to the kids lol...reassuring them Santa this and Santa that but then they find out it was all a lie? I'm pretty sure my family would freak out if I didn't do Santa with my kids...the main issue is making sure that if I didn't do Santa with my kids that they know to pretend at school and not ruin the childhoods of their friends and make their friends' parents mad at me ...

Ok, I've got to head out to my 4th Christmas...yeah...I'm going to do things differently next year. Maybe take off for the Caribbean or Hawaii...

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