Monday, December 6, 2010

Must Have Monday

It's really cold in Atlanta today so today's must have is a cute warm coat (I personally love my black, Betsey Johnson pleated peacoat), a scarf, nice gloves (not ugly ski gloves, nice ones--I love my leather gloves from Coach--warm, well-made, AND pretty), and a hat. There are a lot of cute winter hats this year. My personal favorite in the knitted slouchy beret, and also the cute tiny-billed 20's-style hats. Please Please PLEASE don't wear the ugly elmer fudd looking hats...there is nothing cute about them (you know, the ones with ear flaps). Also, winter boots don't have to be ugly either--check out the SM Monti heeled snow boot or the Aquatalia Frostie wedge boot...or if you don't want a heel, the Cougar Stowe Storm boot is alright. I don't really need any boots yet, but I wish I did. :) You can be warm and still look good.

And shoveling snow in heels is a great workout, just fyi.

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