Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Church

So for the past 8 1/2 months I've been floating around to different churches (there is at least one on every corner down here) and back in November just kind of gave up and settled with North Point because that was the easiest choice even though I really didn't like it. I take issue with show churches. Andy Stanley is a great man, but the church is run like a business and you can only volunteer in certain areas. Namely, if you aren't a professional music artist, there is no way you are going to be on the worship bands. Many of the members of the worship band are actually pulled from Nashville rather than the congregation. It is also such a large church (a grand total of about 23,000 people) that everything seems disconnected. Even if you do volunteer or join a small group, you are only going to meet a few people. Perhaps if you have children it's a different matter, but it's rather weak when it comes to singles. They even admit that because of it's size, there's only so much they can do. But after so many months of not finding something, I just settled on it.

Then the week after Thanksgiving, I got my mail one day and saw a pamphlet for this other church that was having a massive Christmas festival and as I looked through it, I noticed a Master Players theater group was performing and so I decided I'd look at the church--it's only a 15 minute drive which is closer than North Point. When I got to the church on that next Sunday, my jaw dropped because it was gorgeous. Classic red brick, Southern-style georgian plantation church (big tall steeple, ginormous white pillars). I then went inside to find the contemporary service and it is gorgeous inside and the service was so nice. Congregation involved in worship--student choirs, adult choirs, worship band and singers. The pastor is great--very Southern and I cringed when he said "ain't" and "nekkid" but he's incredibly wise. The church is called Johnson Ferry and today I found out they also have fitness classes during the week--Zumba and Kickboxing included (although I'm going to have to choose one or the other since they overlap). And I found out last night that just two blocks down from the church is a Pinkberry which was a great surprise as I wasn't aware they existed outside of California. It gives me hope that perhaps a Coffee Bean will be on its way before too long... The church also has 3 different singles small groups (co-ed unlike North Point) that I could go to--I think I'm going to the late 20s-early 30s group for singles who have lived in the real world and are young professionals. Another crazy thing is that I discovered that my uncle, who is a missionary surgeon in Africa for a lot of the year and in NC the rest, has spoken at the church a couple times.

I was really REALLY hating living here in the past couple of months--and now it doesn't seem quite so bad. I'm also putting law school off for another year though because I realized that I was trying to find something to get me out of Atlanta and back to a place I know and people I know and love. And then I saw this award from high school drama that I got senior year -- The Ruth Award, and that made me read Ruth, and a little synopsis of Ruth and I realized that I am here for a reason. Just because I'm impatient and that reason hasn't showed itself doesn't mean that being in Georgia is pointless...I just have to trust that God does have a purpose for me and I'll see it eventually (though hopefully soon). I've got to stop making decisions to meet my ends and start making decisions to meet God's ends. I miss CA and NJ/NYC terribly, but they are just places for which I'm going to have to settle for just visiting unless I feel that God wants me back in one of those places. I do know that if I had stayed in Jersey and not come to Georgia, I don't know where I'd be...I know that I would have left the church I was going to--I love them and they love me, but there comes a point when things change and opinions don't mesh and you've just got to move on. So I know that NJ is not in the cards for me again. I do not know if CA is, though. I do feel a pull towards the northern half of CA--I should say the central coast/bay area of CA, or to be a part of Hope Church that friends have started, but I'm just waiting on God. It's up to Him, not me. I not sure I see myself living in CA without a husband by my side, so it may not be for awhile...especially since I don't even have a boyfriend at this point.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens. I know I will be here in Atlanta for awhile longer...and luckily that doesn't seem like an awful thing anymore.

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