Friday, December 3, 2010


Oh Thank The Good Good Lord It's Finally Friday.

Next week I am finally going to get my car registered in Georgia...I have to...Come January 1 I would have to get my emissions checked. It'll be nice to not have to freak out anymore when I see a cop (they would not like my GA license with NJ plates).

I've been wondering the last couple days: What on earth got Julian Assange's panties in such a twist that he's an insanely bitter betty trying to wage war (in a rather immature, high school cyber bully kind of way) against the American government? He should be tried for international treason, and then drawn and quartered. It's not a free speech issue (hi, for one thing he's NOT AMERICAN). Free speech has limits--such as national (and international) security. Assange crossed WAAAAAYYYY over the line.

Also, my sympathies for Cleveland. I don't really follow basketball anymore but after seeing a picture of LeBron in his god-awful ugly jeep with royal-like embroidered headrests, I was rooting for him to get destroyed on the court last night.

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