Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sick :o(

Ugh, I'm sick. Nothing horrible like the flu (knock on wood), but sore throat and stuffed up. Two things that I really hate. But I am at my grandma's house till tonight and she practically has a pharmacy in her bathroom so I'm getting medicine regularly and practically drowning in orange juice...I haven't tried to sneak a coke yet.

Tonight I'm leaving to go see my mom for a few days. I'm excited. As many of you know, my mom and I are very close and she's become more like a friend than my mom as I've gotten older (but still my mom). I haven't seen her since her surgery in October so it'll be nice to hang out. She's actually sick right now but hopefully she got better medicine and is getting better. Being sick with bronchitis type stuff 2 months after major heart surgery is not good...so pray for her health.

Poor Quincy's had enough of the little kids though. Although when the one tries to pull on his eyelids, you can't blame him for running off and hiding behind the bed. He's going to be staying here at my grandma's while I go to NY to see my mom and then I'll come back get him and drive back to Atlanta...I think he's going to be super glad to be home.

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