Thursday, December 16, 2010

This product does not bring me joy

I'm one of those people that uses high-end makeup...except for the mascara. Last Friday I had stopped into ULTA (where I go for hair products) and since I needed mascara I just popped into that aisle. Now, for the past year or so I've been using Cover Girl LashBlast (orange tube) and I absolutely love it. But I only use waterproof and they didn't have any in waterproof so I thought I'd give the Maybelline falsies a try. Now, I don't really need a mascara called Falsies because I naturally have really long eyelashes that magically curl upwards without the use of a eyelash curler.
I absolutely hate the Falsies mascara. HATE IT. I like each lash to be separated from the others and this mascara refuses to let me have it that way. It clumps lashes together for a fanned-out dollish look which bugs the crap out of me when it comes to my own lashes. I hate when lashes get clumped together. I've only used the mascara for a few days now but it's going in the garbage.

In happier news, I'm eating sushi for lunch right now. :) I love sushi and have been craving it for weeks.

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