Thursday, December 2, 2010

Travel Thursday: Alabama?

When I lived in SoCal, I drank Coffee Bean nearly everyday. Then I moved. Everytime I go back to LA or OC, I drink as much Coffee Bean as possible. Their vanilla lattes are, hands down, the best in the world. I missed them so much that my cousin Michelle, who lives within walking distance of heaven (Coffee Bean) in West Hollywood, sent me a huge canister of the vanilla powder. I apologize to all the others, but she is my favorite cousin...first she puts me in a movie and then she sends me CBTL vanilla powder.

Anyway, when I flew to Michigan for Thanksgiving, I flew into Detroit. I followed the signs for baggage claim and passenger pick-up, get on the escalator going down and then I saw a bright light shining down from heaven as I looked up and saw a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf sitting just a dozen yards away from me. It was amazing. I'm pretty sure if someone took a video of me it would've looked like a little kid coming down on Christmas morning and seeing mounds of presents under the tree. Sadly, there is not a happy ending to this story as not even a week before I was laid up with kidney stones and therefore on a strict no coffee I didn't get my precious cup of coffee. Actually if there hadn't been a super long line and a need to get out to the car faster than asap I totally would've broken the no coffee rule.

Good future news though...come Christmastime I will be in the Detroit airport again and will be getting my coffee. Also, I found out yesterday that there is a random Coffee Bean in a small town in the middle of Alabama--and it is 2 1/2 hours away from me. You're probably thinking, who the heck would drive 2 1/2 hours to the middle of nowhere just for coffee? Well, me. I would. me. coffee. There's evidently an outlet center or something there too so ya know, I'll get my Christmas shopping done at the same time...that makes it more legit, right? :)

My precious life elixir the last time I was in CA:


  1. What movie were you in!? Send me the DVD stat!!

  2. ha there is no dvd... I was a freshman in college and my cousin needed someone who still looked like they could be in high school for a flashback scene. It was a short film shown at a couple festivals and I think the whole movie is only about 12 minutes long. I just walked through the frame a couple times over and over and over and over again (so many takes for different shots). But it was fun--saw how things are done for films and shot in the same interior as Back to the Future. Sadly I wasn't around when she shot her next film that ended up at Cannes :(