Thursday, December 9, 2010

Travel Thursday: West El Lay/WeHo/BH

I'm well aware that Los Angeles falls into that 'love it or hate it' view of cities. There are a lot of things to hate, and a lot of things to love. I personally fall into the 'love it' category. Actually, it's more like 'freaking completely LOVE it.' There is just too much to really go into detail on what you should do when in LA. And by LA I mean West LA, WeHo, BH, Santa Monica. I do NOT mean downtown LA, you will want to avoid that...and south central too. There are also bad parts of BH so be careful wherever you are. And just be warned, I know so many people have this glamorous view of Hollywood, but it's not. It's pretty ugly actually. They are working on it, but it's still not a pleasant site everywhere. Stay at Roosevelt if you can afford it--it's gorgeous (inside) and packed to the brim with Hollywood history...and a couple ghosts including Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift (Monty even plays his ghost bugle). Go to Santa Monica Pier and the Promenade, don't go to The Grove, get in and get out with graumans/kodak. Now, in this area there are a LOT of restaurants and've probably heard of a lot of them--Katsuya, BOA, The Ivy, Urth Cafe. I haven't been to Katsuya, but I know one of the waitresses and the food is good and there are tons of celebs there constantly so if you want to see a celeb this is the restaurant worth going to. I've never been to BOA either but I love steak. Don't go to The Ivy. This is a restaurant you'll also find celebs at but it's also way over-rated and totally not worth the money. Urth Cafe is somewhat popular as well with the 'younger' celeb crowd--and the food is good. It is a vegetarian restaurant though so don't go if you want some carcass to chew on. And know that it is uber-crowded. These are all great, but if you want to know the best (well in my opinion) place to get lunch, it's The Farm of Beverly Hills. There is a chance of a siting but more importantly, the food is AMAZING. The caesar salad is the best I've ever had in my entire life, and then if you get chicken on it, it's the best chicken you'll ever have in your life. And they have some seriously good desserts--brownies and whoopie pies are especially good and they're my favorite. So if you don't do anything else in LA, go to The Farm. It's on North Beverly Drive in BH across from Crate & Barrel and next door to Coffee Bean (where you must get coffee).

Here's the whoopie pie (that I can practically taste just looking at the picture):

I've also had this, but don't remember the name, blackened grilled chicken wrap something:

Oh and Interior and Exterior Shots of The Farm (so you know what you're looking for):

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