Monday, January 31, 2011


So I bought running shoes few weeks ago for the marathon and this past weekend I started to break them in. The right shoe is fine--perfect even. The left one is killing me. It's like it's a Nike shoe or something (I hate Nike's and can't run in them without pain and blisters developing). I need to figure out a way to fix it because my other running shoes do not match my outfit. I'm going to try attaching that mole skin stuff to where the heel of the insole meets the shell. It better work. They're $100 Saucony's (I only paid $15 I think after a sale, a gift card and a coupon)--they should be perfect.

I might also need to not tie them so tight because at mile 4 my left foot was going numbish...oh see, left shoe again. ARGH.

Must Have Monday: Teavana

Youthberry and Wild Orange Blossom tea from Teavana.

So good...perfect to brighten up this gloomy, rainy Monday morning.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Well, I have officially raised 100% of my goal for TWLOHA. Actually, I raised $1 over my goal.

Even though I reached my goal, you can still give if you would like to, or if you feel left out ;o) Unless I choose another charity, I may raise the amount if I choose to run the Disneyland Half-Marathon in Sept, so if you want to donate closer to the end of the year, you'll probably be able to do that.

Now I just have to run the race in a month.

Thanks to all of you who donated!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Month

Today is January 27. On February 27 I am running the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. JUST ONE MONTH LEFT!! I'm excited...well all except for the fact that I have to be at Epcot at 4am (race starts at 6am). My "costume" is ready--they're running clothes (tech tank, jacket, and running skirt) but I've embellished them with hot pink and gold, and have a crown too...and I purposely bought new shoes that have hot pink that I may or may not add glitter to. I haven't quite broken the news to my mom that even spectators have to be there at 4am though...but they're driving me to the start anyway. I'm still raising money for TWLOHA through it-- and have 59% raised so feel free to go and give. Even $5 helps.

I also think that I may sign up for the Disneyland Half-Marathon (Sept 4) pretty much just so I can get the special Coast-to-Coast medal and have an excuse to visit my OC friends. But I wouldn't dress up for the Disneyland Half...well, maybe I'll wear the crown.

Maybe in 2012 I'll do another full marathon but I have to be checked out by the heart doctors before I can do that. I've wanted to run Charlottesville (VA) marathon since junior year of college. Gotta make sure that anything I run allows headphones though...some races are starting to outlaw them. Although I do know it's not a huge deal because 1) most races have live bands throughout and often at every mile, and 2)I ran the LA marathon without any music because that was before I had an ipod and wasn't about to run with a cd walkman.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Sad

It was SO CLOSE.

We (hammers) lost the semi-finals 4-3 (aggregate).



I can't even describe how nervous/anxious I am right now...

The Hammers (West Ham United english footy team) are playing in their last semi-final (they won the first semi-final game 2-1) and are currently winning 1-0. I have to read the updates though because none of my livestream feeds are working out...BBC live isn't working and rojadirecta isn't helping at all (I usually watch matches in spanish).

I have absolutely no idea what is going on in American sports right now other than the Super Bowl is coming up. When I lived in Spain I fell in love with soccer and rugby...I follow the English Premier League (I would follow MLS but there are no teams near me) and my team is West Ham. It's insanely MAJOR that the Hammers have made it to the semi-finals because well, we kinda suck. I don't know how a team can be last in the league, but for the carling cup we make it to the end... it's the way of West Ham.

So I'm freaking out. I suppose to equate it to some of you, this is like the Giants making it to the World Series (and winning) or the Yankees making it...or the Lakers (although I don't understand how there can be that much excitement for yankees or lakers fans since they ALWAYS win, but whatever).

So yeah, me = excited. and nervous. This is West Ham after all...

But if we make it to the finals, we'll be playing Arsenal. Arsenal happens to be the team that basically all of my soccer-loving friends are fans of. Major fans. Like, if west ham were to beat arsenal in the final, my seating assignment at Sean's wedding could be pretty ugly. BUT I'm going to milk it for all its worth :o) If, Lord-willing, it is west ham vs. arsenal in the carling cup final.

GPOYW: Supertones final concert

This is when I was first introduced to the wonderful people of San Mateo (obviously except for Ashley, Laura, and their sisters Kim and Lauren). It was junior year of college and a bunch of them were coming down to LA for the final Supertones show at Biola. And I went to the concert with them. Biola's tiny gym (had to get that snarky comment in there) was packed full of people. I remember Jess and I moshing front and center and I believe I nearly died at one point? That was also when Jess and Dave only had one kid...such a long time ago. It was fun. And I loved the San Mateo people, and still do. And I cannot wait to see them again in May (San Mateo people, NOT the supertones)

And yes, the supertones did reunite this past summer...much like all old bands that "retire for good."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MAC: Petting Pink Tinted Lip Conditioner

A couple years ago my friend Kate and I had a girls day and went shopping and got a makeover at MAC. One of the items I purchased was the MAC tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink. I loved it. Unfortunately lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm, etc. are items that I lose about 95% of the time, and this MAC lip stuff fell into that 95%. Occasionally it would turn up somewhere but I always lost it again. I found it again this weekend and have fallen in love with it all over again. It's a really nice pink--not too bright, dark, or heavy and it's not too natural lip color. I have no idea if MAC still sells it or not, but my container is still pretty much full since I frequently lost it so I don't have to worry about it yet. But you should check it out and see. I loved it when I was really tan and brunette, and I love it now that I am really fair and blonde. It's a win-win. :o)

Monday, January 24, 2011


I am very seriously considering putting Quincy in daycare on Saturday and driving out to Tybee Island to do a long run on and off the beach. For one thing, it'll be 10 degrees warmer there, and for another thing, it's the beach. I miss the beach. I miss the ocean. Ok, I miss standing BY the ocean and seeing and listening to the water and smelling the salty sea air. I suppose I could also take Quincy with me but I hate leaving him in the car...and considering I have to practically drag him the 1/6 of a mile and back to the mailbox I highly doubt he'll want to run 9 miles with me.

We'll have to see Saturday morning if I really want to drive 4 1/2 hours to the Island to run 9 miles and then drive the 4 1/2 hours back to Atlanta. ...and after typing that I've begun to realize how ridiculous that is...

Stupid Sewing Machine

Okay, so there is a 95% chance it's not the sewing machine's fault, it's just my inability to thread the bobbin...

On Saturday I drove up to Kennesaw to a Joann fabric store to get the pink and gold kinda sparkly fabric to add to my running skirt for the half-marathon. On Sunday I decided to go ahead and sew it to the skirt only to discover that the bobbin was empty. This has stopped many a project because I have issues with threading the bobbin correctly. I thought I did it until I went to start sewing and the top thread got stuck in the bobbin...I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out what was going on and well, let's just say the sewing machine is unplugged. I really have absolutely no idea why it's not threading correctly...and I do NOT want to sew anything by hand.

Maybe I should google it...and don't suggest the sewing machine manual because that's long gone.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Me Likey Four Vines

So, I'd read that this up-and-coming winery in Paso Robles, CA made some amazing wine with some irreverent titles. Well, I came across some today so I decided to try it. It's by Four Vines and I got the Old Vines Cuvee 2008(red) and then also the Naked (chardonnay) 2009. AMAZING. Well, the red was--I haven't tried the white. But the red is by far the best red wine from America that I've ever had. It's just about on par with my all-time favorite the French Chateau Calon Segur. Fun fact: if the label is "Chateau something" you should be able to just assume it comes from the Bordeaux region of France (just like how a champagne label should only come from the Champagne region). Bonus: the Four Vines label is inexpensive--especially compared to the Chateau Calon Segur (which runs between $45 and $150 depending on the vintage). So there you go Jeof, I found a red wine for under $30 (and it was only $12) that I actually like--in fact, love. Another Bonus: It's a screw cap. This is good because I have a cheapo corkscrew that takes me 10 minutes to open a corked bottle. Downside: I'm wondering though if future vintages are going to be as good because the Four Vines label was just sold to the Purple Wine Group a couple months ago and will have a different maker and staff...I may go back and stock up on the good vintages to have on hand just in case.

Here's a picture of the bottle of red (sorry it's a tad blurry):

Friday, January 21, 2011

Brick By Brick

Check out this video--especially if you are a church or a band. It's an amazing new ministry started by some friends of mine:

Brick By Brick - Introduction from Brick by Brick on Vimeo.

Go to the Website here:

To Kindle or Not to Kindle...That is the Question.

So I don’t think it’s a huge secret that I’ve always been a huge opponent of the Kindle (and the Nook, and any other device that takes away the actual physical action of turning a page in a book). I LOVE books. And by that I mean real books: books that I can see, touch, and smell (not taste, that’s yucky). And yes, I smell books. Sue me. I read all different kinds of books—fiction, non-fiction, biography, autobiography, etc. The Great Gatsby and The Fountainhead are two of my favorites, as is anything about John Adams and then I also enjoyed the Russell Brand books. One of my most favorite stores in the world is Strand bookstore (it’s in NYC on 8th just down from Union Square). I can spend hours perusing the 18 miles of books—some used, some new. One day when I have a house I want to have a library in it full of books on bookshelves that are wall to wall, floor-to-ceiling, and there’s a ladder that rolls around for the higher shelves. Think the library from Beauty and the Beast, but most likely on a smaller scale since I will probably not live in a castle. Anyway, that said, I’ve felt a lot of pressure lately to jump on the Kindle train. There’s part of me that wants to take that leap. It’s as though there is a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. The devil’s saying “do it, get a kindle, it’s so much more convenient for traveling…” and then the angel’s saying, “no don’t do it, think of all the books that need your love and a place on one of your bookshelves.” I’m really not sure what to do, and I’m aware that to some this may seem petty and nerdy with you saying, “it’s just a book,” but I love walking into my apartment and seeing my bookshelves (I have 3—2 floor-to-ceiling and 1 half-way) full of all my books. That’s another thing…I kind of need to get another bookshelf and I don’t have a place to put it without rearranging all of my furniture and I’m pretty sure the rearrangement wouldn’t look very good. Which means that unless I stop reading, or start piling books places (I think not), I have to get a Kindle. But even then I feel like I would be betraying real books.

Here’s my thought: I think I’m going to get a kindle but just for certain categories. The Kindle will be for ebooks that are fiction, non-historical non-fiction (psychology & Christian living type books), and biographies/autobiographies that have nothing to do with my heritage. If I love a book that I read on Kindle and think I must have it in real book form, I’ll buy it. If a book has anything to do with my family history, I buy it (or it’s gifted to me)—I just about have an entire shelf dedicated to John & Abigail Adams. I also collect first editions and very old books—my most prized book is Catcher in the Rye (thanks to my brother and Zach).

So, I guess, the answer is to Kindle.

…I just hope the books forgive me…

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Words to Live By

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." -Mark Twain


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First 2 Years of College Useless?

My comments are in bold. It's really just an interesting article (I've not included the whole thing) and generally speaking, it's pretty accurate picture of America's higher learning. I personally don't believe that the US has done a great job with higher learning when compared to European countries that actually focus on LEARNING rather than ranking.

Mary Beth Marklein wrote in USA TODAY that "Nearly half of the nation's undergraduates show almost no gains in learning in their first two years of college, in large part because colleges don't make academics a priority, a new report shows."
After two years in college, 45% of students showed no significant gains in learning; after four years, 36% showed little change.

Students also spent 50% less time studying compared with students a few decades ago, the research shows. He noted that students in the study, on average, earned a 3.2 grade-point average. "Students are able to navigate through the system quite well with little effort," Arum said. I wonder if they incorporated the students that just don't have to study as hard as others. I know that I've never really had to study very hard to get good grades--it's enough to just read something once. This does not include Calculus. Calculus killed me in high school and I thank God that I didn't have to take a single math class in college. Anyways, so I didn't really spend all that much time studying in college. I could sit down at 11pm the night before a paper or test and be finished in a couple hours...and get an A (and from Flannery and Palm--arguably the hardest profs at APU). I wrote my International Relations thesis start to finish, research and all, in 3 hours and got a 100% and Dr. Palm asked to keep it. BUT I also know that there are students who spend most of their time studying and still struggle. So anyways, I'm just curious as to whether the study accounted for that. I think it does given the average of 3.2 GPA.

The Department of Education and Congress in recent years have looked for ways to hold colleges and universities accountable for student learning, but researchers say that federal intervention would be counterproductive. Only students can be held accountable for student learning...government, colleges, etc. can only do so much and that accountability usually ends up being standardized testing which has nothing to do with learning.

Other details in the research:

•35% of students report spending five or fewer hours per week studying alone. Yet, despite an "ever-growing emphasis" on study groups and collaborative projects, students who study in groups tend to have lower gains in learning. No kidding...I hate study groups. I remember study groups. We split everything equally, only did our part and then just memorized what everyone else did.

•50% said they never took a class in a typical semester where they wrote more than 20 pages; 32% never took a course in a typical semester where they read more than 40 pages per week. What colleges are these kids at?? I wrote at least 20 pages in every class I took -- even acting classes. And I most definitely read at least 40 pages a night...

I'm sorry, I know I'm kind of cynical. But I really have issues with American higher learning. Unfortunately I don't think it will ever change for the better...not as long as the schools are ruled by government money.

Great Living Social Deal!

Get $20 to spend at Amazon for just $10! Click the pretty link (Only 19 hours left):

Be wary of dental assistants with video phones...

<br/><a href="" target="_new"title="Rally Race At The Dentist">Video: Rally Race At The Dentist</a>

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Things That Make Me Laugh: Dawson Leery

I was a Pacey girl myself, but still love this:

"10th Anniversary Edition"

Oh, and it really is a real website:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Birthday Weekend

I am working on my birthday weekend and getting very excited!! I haven't booked anything yet though so hopefully plans don't change. I will be going to CA (central coast) for some much needed, long-awaited fun time with friends I rarely get to see. I think that is what I am most excited about. The hotel is amazing and the dining & wining options are also amazing, but I miss my gurls so much that I can't wait to see them! I just wish I didn't have to wait until MAY.

And I'll be turning 25. Again.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Nyquil Effect

If someone were to ask me if I dream, I would probably answer no. Now, I have no idea if I actually do dream, but I do know that I don't remember them if I do. UNLESS, I have taken nyquil. When I take nyquil, I have really really weird and crazy dreams--and I remember them. Last night I took nyquil. And I had a weird dream.

The starting point is Toronto, which I discovered later in the dream when someone asked where I came from (odd because I've never been to Toronto). Evidently I just HAD to go to some obscure, tiny coffeeshop somewhere in Boston. I remember that I parked the car, got out and was walking around a building trying to find it (it was called Tan Nan Nah) when I stopped the only person I saw and asked him "where's the amazing coffee?" To which he replied, "There's a McDonald's over there" To which I replied "I don't drink that sludge" Then I heard this "psst" sound and saw a hippie looking woman telling me to follow her. So I did. She led me straight to the front door of Tan Nan Nah coffeeshop and then proceeded to make me the best cup of coffee I have ever had. It was incredible. It was like I was drinking a sweetened latte but the coffee was just regular black coffee. But then I paid for the cup and the coffee cost $4.99 but then there was a $15.15 charge for something called 'prostitute tax'. I asked the hippie lady what a prostitute tax was and evidently its a tax for drinking coffee in that particular establishment because you'll give anything for that cup of coffee. (yeah...???) I thought, well it IS an amazing cup of coffee... Anyway as I sit down at a table that looked just like the ones in the Plumstead art room, young people started to come in. For a tiny shop it got crowded quickly but I didn't mind. These were people who were friendly and had a bohemian quality to them and I felt at home. Then I finish my drink but I just continue to sit there and listen to the peoples conversations. Then all of a sudden my brother comes into the shop and sits down next to me says, "I'll buy you another" I said, "that's okay, I'm fine" and he insists and gets up and comes back with a cup for me. I say, "how much was your prostitute tax?" and he says, "I didn't get charged." I remember that made me annoyed, but I shook it off and drank my coffee. Then this guy comes in, and sits down on the other side of me. I look at him and he looks familiar and then I tell him "you look familiar" and he nods. And then the dog sits on my head and I wake up and the first thing that pops into my head is "that was a good cup of coffee."

Yeah, I told you my nyquil dreams are weird...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Adele

Wow, it feels weird to say I love this song because it has a sadness to it, but it really hit me in the heart when I heard it. Listen below--she explains the song before she starts singing it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Being cooped up in an apartment for 2 days causes two things: cabin fever and thinking. The ice--well, actually, the inability of Georgia DOT to clear roads--has kept me stuck in my apartment for 2 days. Since I'm from the north, snow and ice doesn't scare me and I'll drive on it without a problem. Unfortunately down here in the South, the news and police tell everyone to stay home and not drive their cars which I've found out is because they have no idea how to deal with snowy and icey roads. It's really not that difficult. They knew the storm was coming so they should have PRE-salted the roads. That would've fixed most of the problems, but they aren't that smart down here evidently. I'm sorry, I know that's mean. I was so stir crazy though that I ended up going outside in the horrible cold and brushing all the snow and ice off my car...that will save me time in the morning unless I again have to work from home because everything is going to freeze over again tonight and the apartment complex has not been plowed or salted at all. Like I said, they have absolutely no idea what do with winter weather down south. It really truly boggles my mind.

Anyway, I've had a lot of time to think the past couple days. I have old friends who are getting opportunities to follow their dreams. A few of them in particular are in studios recording albums. Granted, they aren't professional/signed artists, but they are still making an album. I can't help but be jealous. And when I'm jealous I tend to turn up my nose and look down on those people which isn't fair because they are just doing something they've always wanted to do. I wouldn't want people to look down on me if I was going after my dream. I know I wouldn't because it happened and it wasn't fun. It actually put a lot of doubts in my mind and because of not feeling like I had any support--in addition to being afraid--I gave up on my dreams. I had my opportunities and I just threw them into the wind and turned my back. I really have no right to be jealous of others' dreams coming true because I turned my back on my dreams. Fear made me a cynical realist who thought 'dreams are just that--dreams, and dreams aren't reality. If you follow your dreams you will only get hurt in the end.' I know, that is incredibly sad, but it's what I've been telling myself for years in order to justify giving up. That's one thing I've been thinking. Another is that those dreams--the dream of a life of fame, fortune and success--were those of an 18 year old girl from Jersey who dreamed of being an actress ever since seeing Beauty and the Beast on Broadway when she was 8 years old. Then that 18 year old got off a plane in Los Angeles and proceeded to face reality. I loved, still love, and will always love performing--entertaining people. But being around LA taught me that fame and fortune is not all it's cracked up to be. Fame and fortune doesn't bring with it happiness and a perfect storybook life--most of the time it brings the exact opposite. So on one hand, I regret giving up my dream to be a successful film actress, but on the other hand, the fine print of that dream would have made me a miserable person so giving it up gave me the chance to find a new dream. That is something I've struggled with for years. Until I came around to figuring out that the only dream I need--the only one worth having--is whatever God wants for my life. That's my dream now: Whatever God would have me do, whoever God would have me be--THAT is who I want to be. I believe that God wouldn't give me a passion for entertaining people if He didn't want to fit it into my life somehow. I just have to wait and see how it is going to work out. It may just be a small theater group in a church, a community theater group, or maybe it will one day be a film. I love making people laugh, and writing, and singing, and acting and I know that somehow God will fit those together with other parts of my life but He'll do it in a way that helps fulfill His purpose. I'm incredibly impatient and would love for Him to pick up the pace a bit, but I'll just have to keep waiting. His timing is perfect.

Oy, this is what happens when I am stuck inside for two days with only the sleeping dog and my thoughts to keep me company...thinking often gets me into trouble. This thinking, even if it makes absolutely no sense to any of you, has really helped me put life in perspective. Which can't be a bad thing (I hope).

Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Storm 2011

So today was evidently a blizzard. I say 'evidently' because that's what it was being billed as on the news--but it was definitely not a blizzard. Total accumulation was 3 inches for greater Atlanta. I got a snowday/work from home day. I remember last year when it snowed 15 inches and I still had to be at work by 10am. But that was New Jersey and this is Georgia. Granted, there was ice underneath those 3 inches, but that's not a big deal...well not to me anyway. The problem is that for over 100,000 miles of road there are only 600 "plows" in the state of Georgia. Add to that the fact that men have to shovel sand/salt from the back of a truck rather than having an actual salt truck and the fact that these men seem to throw the sand mixture on the side of the road rather than on the actual road all makes for crappy roads and even crappier drivers. In normal weather Atlantans (and many Southerners) don't seem to know how to drive, so add ice and snow to that and it's hell. Anyway, it was nice to be able to work from home. The dog especially appreciated it.

In other news, as I was standing in front of the yogurt section at the grocery store on Saturday trying to pick out what flavors I wanted, I noticed something written on the Yoplait Whips. It said, "Try it Frozen." I thought, huh, that'd probly be good...kinda like frozen yogurt. So I bought a couple and froze them and tonight I had a strawberry one and it really was like strawberry frozen yogurt...with a different texture. But still good and it seems that after only half of the container, I'd had my fill. So I had a lovely, filling, satisfying dessert for only 70 calories.
You should definitely try it sometime. I can't wait to try the chocolate mousse one:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Travel Thursday: Must Go to Hawaii

I've been CRAVING warm/hot sunlight. My friend Pauly is currently in Hawaii and posting beautiful pictures that just make me want to jump into the picture. Atlanta isn't nearly as cold as up north, but it's still cold. I'm ready for sun and hot weather. I'm ready to hop on a plane to Hawaii...I say Hawaii specifically because there's more of a chance of convincing my west coast friends to come with me since it's (relatively) pretty cheap to fly to HI from CA. Here's a couple of Pauly's pics (you so want to go too, right?):

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!

I know this is technically a few days late, but I’ve been sick and unable to process things well in my mind…not to mention even without the sickness, my mind has been a tangled mess. Now I am able to think somewhat more clearly. I hope.
There are a couple of things that people think of when they hear/see the phrase “Happy New Year”: 1) kiss at midnight, and 2) resolutions. I’m going to skip the whole kiss at midnight thing because that depresses me. I never have someone to kiss at midnight on New Year’s. Which leaves…RESOLUTIONS! Most people have made a New Year’s resolution at least once in their lives. Usually it’s lose weight, get in shape, be nicer, go to the gym everyday, be more selfless, etc. etc. etc.

So what resolutions have I made for 2011?

Let me start by informing you that I just cancelled my gym membership. Which is generally the opposite of what most people do but I viewed it as a waste of money. First, I run outside because I do not run on treadmills as I despise them. I can run a lot farther out on the road than on a treadmill. Try it sometime. Second, P90X/Insanity and Cardio Barre (The Bar Method, Pure Barre, Fluidity Bar) work a lot better at sculpting your body than the weight machines at the gym—and they are much more enjoyable. Well, okay so P90X and Insanity are not really enjoyable but still more so than weight machines.

I’m going to eat more healthy—avoid processed foods as much as possible, limit my carbonated drink intake to seltzer and Perrier, eat more salad (non-iceberg), eat less meat, drink more water, drink less coffee (I’m being more realistic—still drinking coffee, just less of it), drink more tea (but not sweet tea).

Be a better image of God. I have a (tiny) tattoo on my wrist that says “Imago Dei” which is Latin for ‘Image of God.’ Since I’ve moved to Atlanta, I’ve become more and more materialistic…and I know that it directly correlates to having money to spend. At some point I got it into my head that I NEEDED Jimmy Choos and Louboutins and Louis Vuitton and Gucci and Prada and the list goes on. I’ve realized that the fact that I have actually WANTED to spend hundreds of dollars on one pair of shoes or a handbag is a problem. When I see shoes for $195 and think “oh that’s cheap!”…I’ve crossed a line somewhere. I’ve been addicted to harmful things in the past, but I truly believe the addiction that is most detrimental to my life is shopping. And I’m changing that. I changed it before, but then I ended up getting a paycheck that allowed me to shop. But just because I CAN shop, doesn’t mean I should…and it definitely doesn’t mean I should spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes. I am going to start being a good steward of my money—save it because in this economy, you never know when you may need it and I’m too old to count on falling back on my parents (even though I know they’d help). I hate living in an apartment so I need to put money aside for a down payment on a house one day. I need to give money to those that need it way more than I need another umpteenth pair of black heels. I’m going to be going through ALL of my stuff and throwing out or donating a lot of it. I hold on to so much stuff that I haven’t even used in years. I have clothes I wore in 9th grade (don’t worry, the Old Navy Performance Fleeces are long gone) that I’ve held onto “just in case.” I think it will be excellent therapy to sit down/stand up/bend over/squat and get rid of all the miscellaneous stuff and the clothes, and even the shoes that have laid dormant over the months and years. I am actually really looking forward to it too. If I'm going to try to live better and live up to what my tattoo implies, I have to be more selfless and a heck of lot less materialistic. God doesn't wear Prada and I don't think he would. I kind of think He would rather go barefoot. While I won't go barefoot (except at the beach), I will try not to worry about what label is on my shoes/clothes.

So what are YOUR resolutions?

Monday, January 3, 2011


So for a couple months I've been thinking about downsizing and/or getting a cheaper apartment so that I have more money to work with and save. But I kind of decided that I didn't want to move all my stuff so I'd just stay put. Then last night I got home from vacation to find out that if I renew my lease at the end of March, my rent will go up.

So now I am back to deciding whether or not to move to a different apartment. The big thing is that moving is a giant pain in the bum. I have a LOT of stuff--big stuff that requires a moving truck. Which would not be a big deal if I didn't have to pay for that moving truck (and men to go with it). While monthly rent would be cheaper, the upfront costs are enough to make me stay put...paying the pet fee and deposits all over again is annoying. I'll be going to look at some apartments on Saturday as I only have 9 days to decide whether I am going to renew my lease or not. I also need to calculate the costs of moving...the one apartment I'm looking at is only about 1.5 miles away so you'd think I could just move all my crap myself. And I could if I didn't have a penchant for oversized furniture that weighs an insane amount of poundage.

I'll probably end up moving. I am also going to have to start going through my stuff like I said I was going to do a couple months ago...Gonna throw a lot of stuff out.