Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GPOYW: Supertones final concert

This is when I was first introduced to the wonderful people of San Mateo (obviously except for Ashley, Laura, and their sisters Kim and Lauren). It was junior year of college and a bunch of them were coming down to LA for the final Supertones show at Biola. And I went to the concert with them. Biola's tiny gym (had to get that snarky comment in there) was packed full of people. I remember Jess and I moshing front and center and I believe I nearly died at one point? That was also when Jess and Dave only had one kid...such a long time ago. It was fun. And I loved the San Mateo people, and still do. And I cannot wait to see them again in May (San Mateo people, NOT the supertones)

And yes, the supertones did reunite this past summer...much like all old bands that "retire for good."

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  1. Kim and were JUST talking about this!! Remember when I almost went postal on the guy that bumped into Angie. I think I grabbed his earlobe, straight mom style. Best night EVER!!