Saturday, January 22, 2011

Me Likey Four Vines

So, I'd read that this up-and-coming winery in Paso Robles, CA made some amazing wine with some irreverent titles. Well, I came across some today so I decided to try it. It's by Four Vines and I got the Old Vines Cuvee 2008(red) and then also the Naked (chardonnay) 2009. AMAZING. Well, the red was--I haven't tried the white. But the red is by far the best red wine from America that I've ever had. It's just about on par with my all-time favorite the French Chateau Calon Segur. Fun fact: if the label is "Chateau something" you should be able to just assume it comes from the Bordeaux region of France (just like how a champagne label should only come from the Champagne region). Bonus: the Four Vines label is inexpensive--especially compared to the Chateau Calon Segur (which runs between $45 and $150 depending on the vintage). So there you go Jeof, I found a red wine for under $30 (and it was only $12) that I actually like--in fact, love. Another Bonus: It's a screw cap. This is good because I have a cheapo corkscrew that takes me 10 minutes to open a corked bottle. Downside: I'm wondering though if future vintages are going to be as good because the Four Vines label was just sold to the Purple Wine Group a couple months ago and will have a different maker and staff...I may go back and stock up on the good vintages to have on hand just in case.

Here's a picture of the bottle of red (sorry it's a tad blurry):


  1. Thanks for the recommendation :) I always love trying new (and cheap) wines - I will have to see if the local publix or ABC wine has it!

  2. Fabulous - I love total wine and it just happens to be close to where I have yoga class tonight :)