Friday, January 14, 2011

The Nyquil Effect

If someone were to ask me if I dream, I would probably answer no. Now, I have no idea if I actually do dream, but I do know that I don't remember them if I do. UNLESS, I have taken nyquil. When I take nyquil, I have really really weird and crazy dreams--and I remember them. Last night I took nyquil. And I had a weird dream.

The starting point is Toronto, which I discovered later in the dream when someone asked where I came from (odd because I've never been to Toronto). Evidently I just HAD to go to some obscure, tiny coffeeshop somewhere in Boston. I remember that I parked the car, got out and was walking around a building trying to find it (it was called Tan Nan Nah) when I stopped the only person I saw and asked him "where's the amazing coffee?" To which he replied, "There's a McDonald's over there" To which I replied "I don't drink that sludge" Then I heard this "psst" sound and saw a hippie looking woman telling me to follow her. So I did. She led me straight to the front door of Tan Nan Nah coffeeshop and then proceeded to make me the best cup of coffee I have ever had. It was incredible. It was like I was drinking a sweetened latte but the coffee was just regular black coffee. But then I paid for the cup and the coffee cost $4.99 but then there was a $15.15 charge for something called 'prostitute tax'. I asked the hippie lady what a prostitute tax was and evidently its a tax for drinking coffee in that particular establishment because you'll give anything for that cup of coffee. (yeah...???) I thought, well it IS an amazing cup of coffee... Anyway as I sit down at a table that looked just like the ones in the Plumstead art room, young people started to come in. For a tiny shop it got crowded quickly but I didn't mind. These were people who were friendly and had a bohemian quality to them and I felt at home. Then I finish my drink but I just continue to sit there and listen to the peoples conversations. Then all of a sudden my brother comes into the shop and sits down next to me says, "I'll buy you another" I said, "that's okay, I'm fine" and he insists and gets up and comes back with a cup for me. I say, "how much was your prostitute tax?" and he says, "I didn't get charged." I remember that made me annoyed, but I shook it off and drank my coffee. Then this guy comes in, and sits down on the other side of me. I look at him and he looks familiar and then I tell him "you look familiar" and he nods. And then the dog sits on my head and I wake up and the first thing that pops into my head is "that was a good cup of coffee."

Yeah, I told you my nyquil dreams are weird...

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