Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Month

Today is January 27. On February 27 I am running the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. JUST ONE MONTH LEFT!! I'm excited...well all except for the fact that I have to be at Epcot at 4am (race starts at 6am). My "costume" is ready--they're running clothes (tech tank, jacket, and running skirt) but I've embellished them with hot pink and gold, and have a crown too...and I purposely bought new shoes that have hot pink that I may or may not add glitter to. I haven't quite broken the news to my mom that even spectators have to be there at 4am though...but they're driving me to the start anyway. I'm still raising money for TWLOHA through it-- and have 59% raised so feel free to go and give. Even $5 helps.

I also think that I may sign up for the Disneyland Half-Marathon (Sept 4) pretty much just so I can get the special Coast-to-Coast medal and have an excuse to visit my OC friends. But I wouldn't dress up for the Disneyland Half...well, maybe I'll wear the crown.

Maybe in 2012 I'll do another full marathon but I have to be checked out by the heart doctors before I can do that. I've wanted to run Charlottesville (VA) marathon since junior year of college. Gotta make sure that anything I run allows headphones though...some races are starting to outlaw them. Although I do know it's not a huge deal because 1) most races have live bands throughout and often at every mile, and 2)I ran the LA marathon without any music because that was before I had an ipod and wasn't about to run with a cd walkman.

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