Monday, February 7, 2011


Upon realizing that my car has not actually been registered in any state since Feb 1 and realizing that if I were to get pulled over, my car would be impounded, I finally gave in and went to the DMV this morning. First of all, the DMV is only open Monday-Friday from 8-4 which is really annoying because I work 7:45-5 Monday-Friday. I've also heard that the GA DMV (the tax part of it) is a nightmare and worse than the driver's license part of it (which was bad enough), so I got there 15 minutes before they opened and was 4th in line. When I get to the first window, the lady tells me that they don't have a record of my insurance, so I say, "here's my proof of insurance", and then she said that proof of insurance (what it says on the top of my insurance card) doesn't actually count as proof of insurance unless it was effective within the last 30 days. So I had to call my insurance company and tell them to download my insurance info to the GA state system (even though I'm pretty sure the correct term the DMV should be using there is 'upload' not download) hour later, it still hadn't been uploaded, so I call again. 30 minutes later it was finally uploaded and then 20 minutes after that I was walking out the door with my license plate and registration.

Thinking ahead, I'd brought my screwdriver--the one that is flat instead of pointy--so I could switch my plate right there. You'd think it would be easy. I've done it many times before, but then as I was turning the screw and it wasn't unscrewing AT ALL, I remembered that the last 2 times I had to change the plates on this car, my stepdad had to do it the first time and my dad had to do it the second time. And, as I was remembering this, the screwdriver slipped and went into my finger. Yes, into. I now have a small hole in my finger. I'm currently a bit paranoid that I may have to go get a Tetanus shot because my tools are really old and I haven't the faintest idea when the last time I had a Tetanus shot was. I guess if I get lockjaw, I'll know I should've gotten a tetanus shot.

So anyway, the NJ license plate is still on the car and my GA license plate is propped up in the back window where it will stay until my father comes to town on Thursday. Or until I get pulled over and I can beg the popo to do it for me.

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