Friday, February 25, 2011

Have You Met?

You know, I don't think I've ever put a picture of Quincy up here before.

Which is really weird.

Because my life pretty much revolves around him.

So, ladies and gents, without further ado,

Here he is...

Miss--er--Mister America.

The diva himself.

Quincy Adams "Shenanigans" Oyster.

The love of my life.

It's amazing what he puts up with.

This picture was taken this morning.

10 minutes before I realized that his rabies vaccine was not up-to-date.

Which was 10 minutes before I got to the kennel.

Where I tried to argue with the guy about how he doesn't have rabies, he never leaves the couch. So unless a rabid raccoon is living in my couch, he doesn't have rabies.

Also man used reasoning that we don't know that his vaccine was a 3 year. To which I said, well, he's boarded here 4 times before and nothing about the rabies has changed since the first time I brought him here.

That didn't work.

Then he wouldn't let me just walk over to the vet office, get the vaccine and bring him back.

"It must be 4 days"

Then I said, "so I guess I'm taking him to Florida..." in a really pissy way.

Then he looked around, leaned in and whispered about another kennel that is also a vet that will vaccinate and board the same day.

I called them.

They are closed until 2.

Then I remembered the vet/kennel near my Kroger.

And decided to take my chances and drove there.

They took him.

Unfortunately I have to pay for the rabies vaccine (which I wouldn't have had to do at Banfield because Quincy is on a special wellness plan there), but it had to be done. Also, I've decided I kinda like this vet/kennel I took him to...but I have to wait till October to leave Banfield and switch to the regular and much better pet insurance that my brother and Zach have for their dog (at the same cost).

Now I have to work a few hours, go to another office lunch, and try to get the picture of the kennel lady walking Quincy to the back where just as they get to the door, Quincy turned back and gave me the most pitiful, sad look I've ever seen him give. It was worse than when he completely snubbed me in August when I went to visit him while vacationing in TN (dogs weren't allowed in the cabin, so I boarded him 5 minutes away).

My brother can testify to the snub I received in TN too.

He was there. He saw it.

And laughed.

While I fought back tears and thoughts of what a horrible mother I was.

The sad pitiful look I got today was worse.

I'm eating a cinnie scone from Starbucks to cover my guilt.

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