Monday, February 21, 2011

Military = Better Husband Chances

‎"A single woman serving in the U.S. military is more than 200 percent more likely to get married than single civilian women are."

Well, crap.

Is it too late to go the JAG route?

Probably, huh?


I have considered the JAG route before. I always loved that show on CBS, "JAG" -- simple, no fuss title.

That show would make anyone want to be a JAG officer.

I mean, Harman Rabb. Commander Harman Rabb.

Need I say more?

I actually met him once.

When I ran the LA Marathon. He was running too. He had on a fancy camel pack so he could stay hydrated.

I stopped at the water stations and dumped the dixie cup of water over my head.

It was the hottest marathon day on record. I turned purple from lack of sunscreen.

Dumping water on me at every mile probably didn't help keep me unsunburned.

Anyway, I met Rabb (aka David James Elliot) and he's really nice.

And, just as hot in person.

And we touched.

It was magical.

Um, so anyways...

JAG. I considered it.

Then I unconsidered it when I found out you still have to do all the military stuff like bootcamp. Well, first I dropped to Air Force because that seemed like the easiest bootcamp. Then I full-on unconsidered JAG.

However, at 25 and single, and finding out I'll have 200% more chance of marriage if I'm in the military, I've reconsidered it.

Then I remembered about the bootcamp.

And I have unconsidered it yet again.

I'll content myself with this:

You should see him with shorts and a running tank.

It's magical.

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