Thursday, February 10, 2011

Next New Kitchen Toy...eventually.

So something I've wanted for a loooooooong time is a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I forget this until I read one of Jess' or Kim's recipe posts. I do have a handheld mixer that is pretty sturdy and works well (I made my infamous guitar cake with it, seen below), but it doesn't feel right to use the hand mixer for everything. Problem is, I don't want just any stand mixer. I want a Kitchen Aid KSM150PS Stand Mixer, 5 Qt. Artisan series. And I want it in either Pistachio or Majestic Yellow.

I've heard the saying "beggars can't be choosers"...Well I say they can. At least I can be. I don't want a hand-me-down, I want my own new standmixer. Since I've moved into my apartment in GA, I've slowly been getting rid of the hand-me-downs (everything was, and I'm grateful for them for when they were given to me). I could swap everything out for new, but I also don't want cheap stuff that's just going to break within a year. My first kitchen purchase in GA was my Paula Deen pots. I LOVE THEM. They are stainless steel with copper bottoms and I'm anal about them. They get handwashed and I get mad when the copper gets burnt. I've learned some kitchen tips though for getting the copper looking pretty again. I love my plates too. The main set is squarish and white with old "scratched" edging painted on. In Jersey my kitchen was Tiffany blue and orange, but down here I've grown a bit out of having everything Tiffany blue and my kitchen is bright fruity colors--mainly red and yellow with some tiffany blue and green and orange. It looks better than it sounds. I will admit that the coffeemaker I had to buy to replace the hand-me-down (that was leaking everywhere) is uber-cheap but that's just because I only have it for guests. I make my coffee using the pour-over method. A lot of things have been gifted for birthday and Christmas. My wine glasses came from Jeof & Zach for my birthday. I may live alone but it was still embarrassing to drink wine out of a coffee mug (granted, I could've bought them myself, but I was lazy and cheap). My newest toy is a griddle that my stepdad got me for Christmas. It's the most amazing thing to not have to make pancakes and quesadillas in an omelet-sized pan that I can barely get a spatula in to flip things.

The kitchen aid standmixer will be my next kitchen toy. Probably with birthday money. If not, then it will have to wait until after I get my new iphone in June (or whenever apple releases the new iphone5).

Oh, here's the guitar cake I made for one of my fake sons' 16th Bday:

FYI, I have 2 fake sons--Billy and Richard. They are the teenage sons of my boss (and mentor) from when I worked at the preschool & the cousins of one of my bestests Raven. Richard still calls me Momma Jax--and I'm sure that when I get married he'll come through the receiving line saying 'Congrats momma jax!"


  1. Do it. KitchenAid Mixers are the ONLY way to mix. And I REALLY like your color choices! Pistachio was always my second choice (after the pink one, obvs), but I really like the yellow one you posted too! :) DO IT.

  2. do a little google research on a salt+flour+vinegar mixture for cleaning the pots - i read something recently (huff post, i think) about salt being good at cleaning all sorts of metals

  3. ah yup - #2: Brass & Copper:

  4. Yup that's what I do. Also ketchup works really well at bringing out the red copper color (makes you want to think twice before eating ketchup)

  5. oh I love love love the kitchen aid mixers. That is on my list of purchases that I need to make at some point in the near future. I love to bake and the kitchen aid is just fabulous (my mom has one)