Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh Oh Oh, It's Magic


It's Magic...ally Delicious!

(Side Note--I discovered that just because it is red and looks lobsterish, does not mean it is a lobster. I'm a Nor'Easter--I do lobster. I had no idea one could or would eat crawfish.)

The ladies of the Atlanta office (which is the whole office except for one) went to Pappadeaux for lunch.

It's a cajun/New Orleans restaurant chain.

It's delicious.

Magically so.

I LOVE Gumbo and haven't had it in forever because it is a giant pain in the patootie to make.

And I had a cup of gumbo.

Twas spicy.

And delicious.

Magically so.

Half a catfish Po'Boy came with the cup of gumbo.

It was tasty.

But not magically delicious.

I wish I'd gotten a big bowl of the gumbo instead.

Yummy gumbo--okra, shrimp, catfish in a lovely cajun rue.

Even though it's kinda toasty outside.

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