Friday, February 11, 2011

Oy Vey

You know it's been a long week when you start having visions of telecom installer men pole dancing.

Wait, what? Yeah...

Received an 83 page contract this morning to review by COB (fancy business tycoon way of saying "close of business"--I am anything but business tycoon so I use the language to make it sound like I am one). And you know, it's Friday. So that made me happy.

I got to page 68 and read (and I'm paraphrasing here): "must ensure each has attended pole climbing training & has demonstrated ability to determine if pole is safe for climbing..."

This is where I lost it and realized it was indeed time for another Diet Dr. Pepper (which I'm in love with. I have an unhealthy relationship with Diet Dr. much so that when I discovered that Chik-fil-a had an option for Diet Dr. Pepper, I cheered. Outwardly. The voice inside the box even laughed at me).

I've seen these telecom installer men...and aside from the one guy who looks like a rugged, hotter version of Mark McGrath, it is NOT pleasant to involuntarily start picturing them pole dancing. I'm aware it was pole climbing, but all I saw in my head was pole dancing. Men in their work clothes, orange vests, and hardhats swingin 'round a stripper pole. At least they were fully clothed. It would have been horrifying if they were not fully clothed. In fact, because they were fully clothed, it was slightly funny and made me giggle.

Unfortunately I did a little giggle-snort just as a coworker walked past my office door.

Telecom Installer Man pole climbing. I mean dancing. Wait, no, climbing ... ack!

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