Thursday, February 3, 2011

Travel Thursday: Central Coast, CA

So the plans for my birthday weekend are coming together. Well, it's not ON my birthday but it's one of the weekends bookending my birthday week. I've decided to make this Travel Thursday a glimpse into the plans. Location: Central Coast (CA), more specifically San Simeon and San Luis Obispo.

These crazies are joining me:

Ashley, Jess, Kim, and Laura.

We are staying at the hilariously amazing and slightly gaudy, totally epic Madonna Inn:

These are some pictures of the possible rooms--all rooms have an individual theme. Themes include Jungle Rock Room, The Caveman Suite, The Old Mill Time room, and many many more. Like I said, EPIC.

Visiting places like:

San Simeon where the insanity that is Hearst Castle resides, as well as a beautiful beach that sometimes is covered in seals, and the Sebastian General Store where the Hearst Ranch Winery tasting room is housed.

San Luis Obispo-- home of Bubblegum Alley (an alley with chewed bubblegum lining the walls--a few years ago it was free to stick your gum but now you have to pay $1--it's one heck of a nasty alley). Also home to a really good frozen yogurt place and a pretty creek. And home to Apple Farm where I am told I will not have to pick apples (thank goodness) and I just have to eat aebleskivers, which is fine by me since they look amazing.

There has also been a suggestion/plea for Solvang which looks to me to be a CA version of Frankenmuth, MI but Danish...and no giant Christmas store.

I can't tell you how excited I am. I haven't seen these crazies/friends since summer of 09...and I love CA more than any other place anywhere. I'm so excited that I'm not even really thinking about the fact that I'm turning 26. Holy crap I'm turning 26...closer to 30 than's ok though because I'll be having too much fun to think about it, and after all, I did start using anti-wrinkle products when I hit 24.


  1. Jacquie - I have never heard of the Madonna Inn, but it looks priceless. When I head back to CA I will be staying there. Love it!

  2. Hahaha- you are quite a hacker with this entry. I'm curious about this adventure. You'll have to fill us in with more info when you get the chance!