Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 Day Picture Challenge

I guess this is technically a facebook thing, but I'm not going to annoy all those people everyday with photos of myself. So I'll annoy all y'all instead. :)

Here's the list:
1. Photo of you with 10 facts (scroll down for Day 1)
2. Photo from 1 year ago.
3. Photo that makes you happy.
4. Photo of last place you went on holiday (or vacation for us Americans)
5. Photo of person who's gotten you through the most.
6. Photo that makes you laugh.
7. Photo of you and person you've known the longest. (not family, I guess)
8. Photo of your favorite band/musician. (I have to pick one???)
9. Photo of person you do the most screwed up things with. (can't wait for this one)
10. Photo of you as a baby. (prepare for the adorable overload)
11. Photo of your favorite film(s).
12. Photo of person you would love to trade places with for a day (or forever).
13. Photo of your best friends.
14. Photo of one of your favorite family members.
15. Photo of you and someone you love. (get ready for a classic photoshopped picture)
16. Photo of somewhere you'd love to travel (gonna be a few)
17. Drunk photo. (oy)
18. Photo of one of your classes (not sure how this is gonna go).
19. Photo of someone you couldn't imagine your life without. (awwww)
20. Photo of something you enjoy doing. (hehe)
21. Photo of something you want to do before you die. (maybe I'll do a bucket list next month)
22. Photo of your hometown. (oh Clinton...)
23. Photo of your favorite book.
24. Photo of a good hair day (everyday of senior year of college, I was a hair fiend)
25. Photo of a night you loved.
26. Photo of your biggest insecurity (oh yay)
27. Photo of someone you miss (this is gonna be a doozy)
28. Photo of what you ate today (I'll lie)
29. Photo of someone you find attractive (Hi Johnny)
30. Photo of you when you were happy (I like their use of past tense lol)

Ok, so DAY 1:

1. I love coffee. That mug got filled up 2-3 times by noon.
2. This was taken during the best summer I ever had.
3. I'm a total history nerd.
4. I have a Political Science degree, but cannot stand discussing politics.
5. When I say I want to study international law, I mean human rights, not business.
6. I have half a masters degree in Christian counseling.
7. I've moved 12 times in my life. 5 times in the last almost 4 years.
8. I'm obsessed with the sea. The smell, the sounds, the breezes.
9. I can't make Easy Mac. Not even if my life depended on it.
10. I love music. And singing. And acting. Being creative and freedom.

Thank you and Please Come Again.

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