Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bangs or No Bangs?

I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday.

It's long overdue.

I'm just going with my usual layered look, but am trying to decide whether to do bangs or not.

What do you think?

And, you can go ahead and throw your 2 cents in about the blonde or brown as well...

I love my hair blonde, but it's an expensive option.

If I go brown, I can grow out the color a lot easier. Lighter roots are much less noticable than dark roots.

Right now my hair is a dark blonde...and brassy.

So brassy.

It ain't pretty.

But Saturday I'm JUST getting the haircut, not color so I can see what happens to the color it is now when a lot of the ends are cut off.

I'm leaning towards brown though.

Or blonde.

Cannot decide.

So here's your job:

Bangs or No Bangs?

Brown or Blonde?

They all look good on me.

It's a curse.


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