Thursday, March 3, 2011


So I noticed this morning that the Cherry Blossom trees are blossoming! I love Cherry Blossom trees. They are so pretty in the Spring. Well, I guess down south, they are pretty in early March.

I never took notice of them before I lived in DC.

Oh, if you don't really know me, I lived in DC in Spring 2006 for an internship at the Department of Justice and a couple classes. I guess you could say it was a Study Abroad thing, even though it was still in the US.

Anyway, in DC there is a Cherry Blossom Festival every Spring...because the trees are EVERYWHERE down there. They have parades, festivities, etc. My friend Nina, who was interning at the Swedish Embassy at the time, was asked to be the Princess for the Swedish embassy. She had to go to all these meetings and places, and meet the First Lady. We were all jealous of her I think. But not mean jealous. Excited for her, but still a tad envious. I mean, it was an awesome special opportunity. Granted, I had a lot of those myself thanks to my amazing boss at DOJ.

It makes me miss DC. And my DC friends. It's interesting...I have a lot of friends in different places around the US, and the world, but you know where none of them live? Atlanta. It sucks.

Anyway, back to pretty trees. Here's a couple pics from my semester in DC:

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