Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brain's shot

So I was under the impression (based on conversations with the CFO in the past 2 weeks) that there was a Board of Directors meeting this week. Here. In Atlanta.

I also thought that the big 3 (CEO, CFO and President) would be having a pre-meeting here today.

Well, I have no idea what's going on.

Other than the big 3 are meeting today but it Philly not Atlanta.

And no, Jersey dears, there is not actually an office in Philly so there is no option to move back to the area. The CFO lives in Philly. CEO (dad) lives in Jersey. President lives in Houston. The meetings are in a different location every month. It's like the friggin' CIA up in here. Except less cool. By far.

Honestly, if my job was located in CA or NY or Boston I would love my job. It's being stuck in Atlanta that sucks.

I know, I should probably try a little harder to like Atlanta. Knowing people my own age would probably help...

Anyway, so back to my confusion.

Because I thought everyone was going to be here, I made brownies.

I like to make brownies, eat the residue batter in the bowl, and then let everyone else eat the baked brownies.

And I mean just baked...not that they are 'special' brownies that are 'baked'. I don't have a medical marijuana license here.

But no one came.

There's only two people in the office that will eat the brownies.

The brownies are sad.

I can hear them crying in sad dejection all the way down the hallway.

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