Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Favorite Cousin Strikes Again

FC (Favorite Cousin) announced her admittance into the Florida Film Festival yesterday. I'm not sure how it works, but at this rate, she'll be admitted to Sundance.

Since it's Florida, I thought, 'hey I may actually get to go!' And then I saw the date and its the day I'm supposed to be driving back to Atlanta from NY. There's no way I would make it down to Winter Haven by 7pm.

But I really want to. Mostly because of FC, but also because all the directors will be there. Including the director of the film shown right before FC's.

Rachel Weisz. The actress. The girlfriend of James Bond. Will James Bond be there (Daniel Craig)? Cuz then I would drive at the speed of light.

How awesome would it be for FC to beat out Rachel Weisz?

I just hope that RW doesn't win just because she's RW.

Because FC's film is really awesome. I have only seen stills, but I read the screenplay before she filmed it.

Here's a link to the festival if you are in Florida:

2011 Florida Film Festival

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