Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Monday

Oh Monday. You came way too soon.

Saturday I went to get heels that are comfortable to walk around nyc in since I'm going to have to schlep around in professional business attire and I don't think my sequin ballet flats are gonna cut it with a suit.

I specifically wanted the Ivanka Trump black heels because I'd heard they were amazingly comfortable--much like their louboutin counterparts (simple 100).

Neither Macy's nor Nordstrom had them, so I ended up getting Gianni Bini's. They're cute, half the price of the trumps, and comfortable enough. I mean, I will be taking the subway...I'm not walking 80 blocks.

I also got my haircut on Saturday. I went to a nice place because I got a living social coupon for a $30 haircut and scalp/neck massage (instead of $70). I also got to lock in the $30 price for the next 2 trips if I booked while there. I went ahead and did it. $30 for a haircut is amazing. Except I have 2 problems:

1. I SAID NO BANGS. And yet, there are insanely annoying bangs draping across my forehead. They look good, but so freaking annoying.

2. I presented a picture because last time I told someone 'long layers' I swear there were close to NO layers. I thought a picture of EXACTLY what I wanted would help. Not so much. There are layers but they are too long. I can't curl them all pretty-like (like I did senior year of college). There's no movement because the layers are too long. No texturing to be done. AND THERE ARE BANGS ON MY FOREHEAD. There were NO bangs in the picture. None. It was a shorter layer, not bangs. At least the bangs aren't too short and it won't take too long for them to grow out more. I'm still going to the bookings I made...just make sure I say "no bangs" louder and more forcefully. And say "more layers" -- I say long layers because once I didn't and ended up with a shag that was not pretty. Gilbert knew exactly what I meant by long layers. He knew exactly how to cut my hair...I miss Gilbert. But I can't fly to LA just to get my hair cut...As much as I want to.

Nerd Alert: yesterday I did laundry and then watched a BBC documentary about the British Monarchy. It started with the fall of the roman empire and ended with Charles II. I hope there's another disc being made, because there's good stuff to be seen after Charles II. I'm a bit obsessed with monarchy. And this wedding coming up? I'm all over it. I seriously contemplated going to London during the wedding festivities. But the lack of money to get there put a stop to that idea.

It stormed ALL weekend. Saturday, Sunday, and now today. It really picked up at night. I've never heard thunder so loud in my entire life. The dog is absolutely petrified of thunder. He took to laying as close as possible to me and crying. Then about 4am today the loudest thunder boom happened and he decided that as close as possible wasn't close enough. Dude hijacked my pillow...he came in from above my head and plopped down taking over 3/4 of the pillow. By the way, dog needs an altoid. Or 10. Needless to say, I barely got any sleep this weekend. And it's going to be an insane week. It wouldn't be if I could just do this crap myself. I hate having to work with people (on projects). Just give me the stuff and let me do it. Especially when I'm the one who's being asked for the stuff but don't have it because it was actually tasked to the other person...who hasn't sent me anything.

Oh, and the photo challenge thing? Totally bored with it. It's hereby cancelled.

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