Friday, March 25, 2011

Not Springy in NYC

So, next Friday I'll be driving home (the Northeast, tri-state area, NYC).


I can't wait to be back in the city with New Yorkers who don't smile or talk to you unless you're in their way.

I miss the rude NY state of mind.

This whole Southern charm shtick gets pretty old, pretty quickly.

I grew up there. You could probably describe me as Jake in Sweet Home Alabama says, as a "hoity-toity yankee bitch"

... except I'm not hoity-toity.


hehe I like that.


Back to the purpose of this rant.

I'm going to be in the great and wonderful NYC for the whole week.

See the big lake farther back? The Jackie O Reservoir in the Upper East Side? Well go to the right (and towards the front of the picture) a couple blocks and that's where I'll be staying. At the brother's place.

My brother's wedding is April 3 at a bookstore in Soho, and then I'm apartment/dog sitting for the week.

It's not all fun and games though.

I have to work. In fact, I have to physically go into an office and work a couple of the days.

There's no getting away with not working these days. Not possible. So annoying.

But I can't wait to hang out and do my work in my favorite coffeeshop in the village and then go browsing around at Strand (my favorite bookstore).

And of course, most importantly, being able to see my friends in a longer span of time than usual.

Usually I am up for 2 days max and have to squish everyone into that time frame and end up not seeing everyone.

Not this time. This time everyone gets QTWJ (Quality Time With Jaxie).

The only problem?

It's FREEZING up there now.

Like, it SNOWED a LOT just in the past couple days.

What is with that?

I wanted springtime in NY. Not extended winter in NY.

It should be completely snow-less the week I'm there though.

Thank Goodness. I don't do snow anymore...unless it's in the mountains and I'm skiing on it.

Swooshing side to side pretending I'm in the Olympics.

What was I saying?

Oh yeah, cold.

And I can't wait to see how big of a pain Quincy is going to be on the sidewalks of NY...he freaks out when one person is walking nearby him (other than me). And I have to walk him and Amelia at the same time.

2 bigger opposites you will never find.

But I'm still excited!

Coldness and crazy dogs included.

Well, not the coldness, the cold can go away.


My sleeveless dress for the wedding would really appreciate it.

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  1. we live north of the reservoir, so towards the back of the picture. Basically even and little bit north of the northern "shore."

    The Strand is gross. and Evil.

    It didn't snow A LOT last week. more like a giant snow cone truck fell over in the sky.

    With any luck Sunday will be sunny and 52 - which is pretty good. Hopefully the rains come earlier and we get at least another sunny day that weekend, but it *is* April on the coast ...

    We took Amelia for her shots yesterday ... she screamed bloody murder. NOT a happy puppy. Took three of us to hold her down while the doc did her thing.