Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh, hey Alabama...

Do you ever wake up and think, "That's it! I need coffee. Good coffee. I need coffee bean! I can't take it anymore!"

And then get dressed and jump in the car to go get said Coffee Bean coffee?

...a 2 1/2 hour drive away?

In Alabama.

Alabama is scary.

People talk funny.

Worse than the Georgians outside the city areas.

But they have Coffee Bean.

One lonely Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf sits in the middle of nowhere in Alabama.

It's a southern California coffee place with just a couple shops randomly in a couple places outside socal.

One being Alabama, another the Detroit airport McNamara baggage claim.

I'm addicted to Coffee Bean.


And no inflated gas prices are going to stop me.

I made the most out of it though.

The CBTL is in a brand new outdoor outlet mall.

I visited Banana Republic and Carters. (me and baby stores are a bad combo btw...)

And, gas in Bama was a good 10 cents cheaper than where I get gas in Georgia.

By the way, I feel for you Cali people...I freak out if I have to pay 3.50/gallon and y'all think that's cheap!

Anyway, so when I first got to the mall (in Leeds, AL), I headed straight for the Coffee Bean.

I technically didn't have a clue where it was but my heart led the way.

And 30 seconds later, I was standing in front of the pearly gates.

A couple minutes later, I was holding a large cup of Vanilla Latte.

The best Vanilla latte in the history of mankind is what Coffee Bean should call it.

I drank it while shopping around.

Then when I decided it was time to leave to drive back to Atlanta to the dog, I went back to Coffee Bean.

And got a to-go order.

One hot vanilla latte, and one iced vanilla latte...and also the vanilla powder canister and a bag of Creme Brulee flavored coffee (I wasn't quite willing to pay the $50 price for the 1 pound bag of Kona as amazing as it is).

When I explained my crazy behavior, the manager gave me the iced one for free.

Crazy pays off people.

Crazy. Pays. Off.

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  1. Oh Jax.

    You do have the crazy.

    But the crazy makes for a good blog. :)