Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 14: Photo of Your Favorite Family Member

One of my favorites, of course.

Don't want to ruffle any feathers here.

This is kind of a running theme...

My favorite cousin being Michelle.

She's my LA cousin.

And she's not just my favorite because she let me walk through a couple frames of one of her movies, or because she sends me Coffee Bean in a box with a gazillion stamps on it, or because I'm free to come stay with her in LA anytime (when she's there)...

Michelle is inspiring.

At least she is to me.

She's fearless.

She may disagree, but the mere fact that she goes surfing in the shark-infested ocean makes her fearless in my eyes.

She's gone after what she wants from Day 1.

Never giving up.

A short film she produced won at Sundance.

In the past couple weeks, she just won Best Short at San Luis Obispo International Film Festival for a short film she directed.

Her talent for directing just keeps getting better and better and one day she'll be holding an Oscar. I have no doubt about that.

And then she will let me hold it.

And I will run away with it.

But anyway, here's Michelle in action directing The Interview (film she just won for):

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