Monday, March 14, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 4 & 5

So today is technically day 5, so I've got to make up for that.

DAY 4: Photo of last place you went on holiday.

Smokey Mountains, August 2010.

My last "holiday" (or vacation in Americanese) was a week in the Smokey Mountains. It was nice to avoid work for a week, but the vacation was mostly exhausting, frustrating, anxiety-inducing. But the hike to the top of one of the peaks was incredible--the view even moreso.

DAY 5: Photo of person that has gotten you through the most.


Sure, this may seem corny, and you may say He's not technically a person, but I never would've gotten through recent years without Him. My life got completely turned upside down about 7 years ago and I started on a very not good journey for the next 4 years. It took a very long time, but a couple years ago I finally realized that nothing is going to make me feel good and be happy but God--and that God loves me despite what I've done, thought, etc. and NOTHING can change that. That's huge. That's gotten me through everything. And still does.

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