Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 6: Photo that makes you laugh

There are a LOT of pictures that make me laugh. It was hard to choose. This particular picture won for the day.

L-R: Chris, Brian, Adam. April 2004.

Freshman year, these guys always somehow ended up wearing red, white, and blue. Chris would have white, Brian blue, and Adam red...or in a different set-up. Same as Christy and I always somehow managed to match.


None of that was ever planned...but ALWAYS happened.
Freshman year was a good year.

Case in point, here's another picture that always makes me burst out laughing:

I should probably mention that Chris is the ex-boyfriend. From freshman year.

Oh youth and stupidity. Not that he's not a great guy, but we were oh SO wrong for each other. And not just cuz at first I was just trying to make someone else jealous...and then in the middle started really liking a different guy (for those that know, this 'different guy' is "the one that got away" that I talk about--despite the fact that Brian still calls him a douche...he's totally not by the way). And then we ended. And I was heartbroken...moreso that I no longer had that glorious social status of having a boyfriend. Again, youth and stupidity. Here's some advice: If you are desperate to just have a boyfriend/husband, you shouldn't have one. It's when you think you don't need one that you are ready.

I haven't seen or talked to Chris is years, but I see Adam and Brian every time I go to Cali...so about once a year. I so wish it was more than that. I also wish I still lived in Cali...but you'd have to be a complete stranger to not already know that.

But I love that I can just look at these pictures, and many others, and laugh at (or with) the memories.

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