Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 7: Photo of You and Person you've known the longest (not family)

Mikey. And Me. (I tagged Justin, but he's not actually included in this, no offense)
New Jersey Luncheon, 4th grade. Mike was "Boy" and I was "Girl"--we had to turn in circles to signify the passing of time or place.

It was dizzafying.

And dangerous.

I clipped the whiteboard.

Or it clipped me.

We fought.


Mike and I go WAYYYY back. Like nursery. Clinton Baptist Church (Now South Ridge Community Church).

There's video footage too...of one sweet, young probably 4 year old Mikey stealing the microphone from me during the Christmas pageant at church. Rude.

There's also a picture of me and his sister Karen fighting in the nursery over a bucket big enough to sit in. Then we were good friends in elementary and middle school, and high school too somewhat. I can't believe Karen is married and preggers now...

And Mike is a world traveler (that's an understatement).

And I...dream of being a world traveler, and a wife, and a mother, and a writer.

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