Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 8: Photo of your favorite band

This is crazy. I have no idea how you pick a favorite band. Unless your a screaming teenager who loves Bieber.

Granted, if I was still in my teens, I'd be shouting nsync from the rooftops. I probably did back then...

I love music.

All kinds of music.

Except rap.

Rap is the one thing I've never been able to get onboard with.

I've been playing Adele in my car for the past 3 weeks.

I now have a new music obsession that I just discovered: gypsy swing.

I will learn it on my guitar.

It will probably sound horrible.

Don't care.

Anyway, I've got a collage of 4 musicians I love.

I love many more as well.

But I'm too lazy at the moment to make more collages.

Deal with it.

Adele, Katy Perry (she's fun), Siren's Eye (band in LA--this pic is at viper room -- I love them), and August Burns Red (and not just cuz of Matt).

But I love Nothing More and Marianne Keith and Cher Lloyd too. I'm very eclectic in my music tastes. And, as you may notice (with a few exceptions), I tend to prefer indie bands (aka underground bands, non-mainstream bands).

While on the subject of music...check out Brick By Brick. A new ministry created by Matt (of August Burns Red) and Tim (of Station 153--the guys I used to sing with). It's great. If you are part of a church, and a church that loves music...check it out. NOW. Go Here.

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