Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Challenge day 9: Photo of person you do the most screwed up things with

Oh boy...

For the record, I do not do screwed up things anymore.

Haven't for a good long while.

I'm a good girl, I am.

But when I wasn't always a good girl (mumsies & grandmumsies, please stop reading), I did some super crazy shiznit.

In my defense, I had good reason.

It was good reason in my mind anyway.

Anyway, I suppose I USED to get into trouble with the following (including, not limited to):

The LA Trouble Crew -- Trust 'em with me life.

They save me and I in turn buy them amazing Dodgers was an expensive weekend...that I don't even remember...trouble. lol

But, ya know, it was college. The time in everyone's life where trouble is meant to be had...and done...and regretted the next morning.

And, one cannot forget:

The old Jersey Trouble Crew (God help me, my friends are Arsenal fans...I've ordered a West Ham onesie for Simon's baby though, so maybe I can help the next generation)

There's an overlapping of high school, college, and beyond with these guys. But Raven didn't join up till the 'beyond' part. But those fun times have ended. At least with the old men to the left as they've chosen a life with wives and kiddies. And I moved. Sorry Raven. She's so Raven. hahahahha sorry.

The End.

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