Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

The day I've been waiting for came!

A real-life fairytale wedding.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her dress. It's very regal, elegant, and still simple.
I did not like Princess Diana's dress--it was just way too over-the-top.

I also am a HUGE fan of wearing the veil over the face. I will on my wedding day--I am debating whether or not to wear it until the kiss or lift it at the "altar".

You can't see it, but the ring is just a very small ring of welsh gold. I'm crossing my fingers that this and the simplicity in general will trigger a more modest take on weddings...You don't need a big, glitzy dress, or a giant diamond ring. You can still be glamorous and beautiful while still being simple and tasteful.

Oh, the hats. I LOVE the british tradition of wearing hats and fascinators. However, Fergie's daughters are always way ridiculous.

Just a shot of Chelsy Davy to say that if she's going to continue/restart dating Prince Harry, she has got to learn how to walk like a lady. She was walking like a farmer and that is a huge pet peeve of mine. She had to have had etiquette lessons growing up...I did and I'm not a filthy rich socialite. That book would've fallen off her head every step she took.

Speaking of Harry, here's the hottie in uniform with the groom:



Fairytales DO come true!


And yes, I am a hopeless romantic.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm OK.

So last night was crazy.

Tornadoes everywhere.

The news had a running timetable for towns--You have 1 minute to seek shelter, You have 4 minutes to seek shelter, etc.

It's was scary.

Winds were topping 80mph.

Tornadoes touched down just 30 minutes away on all sides of me--N, S, E, and W.

Metro Atlanta--within the perimeter--seems to have been spared from actual tornadoes.

That includes me.

Here's some photos of the tornado destruction in the areas 30 minutes from me:

See the tornado in the 3rd picture down? Power was going out all over the place so a lot of people couldn't get the news on the tv and they only saw the tornadoes when lightning struck. It's a scary thing to see crazy lightning and then out of the corner of your eye at the same time you see this massive thing barrelling towards you (or away from you). I know the tornado that hit Tuscaloosa was a MILE wide.

That 2nd picture is actually Midtown/Buckhead. They were not hit with a tornado. But the picture is crazy.

I'm feeling very lucky and blessed this morning, but so sad for all the devastation others are facing.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Arm wrestling at a Flamenco bar in Seville, Spain.

We were bored with the flamenco-ing.

And, I can beat a Welsh fairly quickly at arm-wrestling.

Just puttin' it out there.

And an Australian.

...but not the German.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weight Loss

Not mine.


Well, it could be, I don't actually own a scale.

Quincy's lost 10 pounds since March 1.

I dropped him off at the vet this morning for his shots.

And they did a weigh-in.

I asked if they could make the biggest loser weigh-in sounds.

They did not oblige.

But he weighed in at 34 pounds.

And I breathed a sigh of relief.

Even though they consider that gaining a pound because they don't know that I had to take Quincy to a different vet for his rabies they have no idea that Quincy was actually 44 pounds. (18 pounds over-weight...whoopsie)

I wanted Quincy to at least lose enough to be at the weight he was at 6 months ago so I could avoid the really mean judgy lecture.

And he is. Except for 1 pound.

But 10 pounds in less than 2 months is great.

If only someone would measure my food and walk me twice a day...

But, we've got 7-8 more pounds to go.

Which reminds me, last Friday I took Quincy to the trail to walk where he wouldn't have to go up big hills (he really hates hills) and at one point I thought, "hey, I feel like jogging."

Yeah. I started to jog and Quincy's looking at me like "what in the bloody heck are you doing?! I don't jog!" And then he laid down to get me to stop and continued to look at me like I was crazy.

But he's finally starting to realize that if he puts up a fight on the walking, he gets less food.

And he can't have that.

So he walks. Yesterday he even walked in front of me for 5 seconds instead of 3-4 feet behind me. It's nice not having to walk with your arm stretched behind you.

But fatty's gonna lose the weight. The next time he goes to the vet it'll probably be the new vet. No more Banfield--as convenient as it is.

Poor Quincy hates going to petsmart at all because on one side is the kennel and the other is the vet. He doesn't care that there are treats in the middle.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Semana Santa

I got to experience Easter week (Semana Santa) when I lived in Seville (Spain).

And what an experience that was.

I didn't go to a service or anything...I don't understand Latin, nor am I Catholic (the only available denomination in Seville).

But in Spain, they bring the festivities to you...

Whether you ask for it or not.

Parades of people wearing scary creepy robes carrying massive scenes from the Bible all through the town.

Chanting and singing.

Until it's over

And all is quiet...until

You just turn a corner and BAM!

This dude is standing right in front of you.

And you let out a slight scream.

(It was dark, I'm American, these costumes symbolize a bad bad thing in America)

(And I'd been drinking...which I did a lot of over there...bottomless tintos de verano...mmm)

Anyway, so different churches have 'brotherhoods' and they wear these lovely robes and hoods...these men and boys (no women allowed) are called nazarenos.

Everyone in the group I was walking around with laughed at me and the only other American, who by the way, was also genuinely freaked out by the outfits.

The one that made me scream was towards the end of the morning...I was, um, somewhat, slightly...nevermind.

Anyway, I saw them setting up for the big parade of people all through the week as I walked to work, and was excited to see bits of it.

Day of I was walking with a couple people, still very much daylight, when I see this thing scuttle around a corner.

And then I saw another one.

These things were wearing KKK costumes.

My heart stopped and I gasped. My friends (british) said "what??!"

And I said, "Did you see those (whisper) KKK (back to normal voice) outfits?"

"The What??"

"The...Oh. Nevermind..."

When we came across the other American, we both asked each other at the same time "DID YOU SEE THE KKK COSTUMES???"

Oh...stupid Americans.

We were creeped out.

The locals didn't appreciate our level of freaking out though.

We cooled it.

Until the scary one in black popped out in front of me.

And I screamed.

But these brotherhoods are identified by their colors. Only one group has all white--the others have different colored hoods and/or robes. Women dress in black and wear mantillas (I think that's what they're called) that are like tall black crowns with veils attached.

Here are some photos:

Maybe the pictures don't give you the true idea--the feeling.

Cuz, seriously, I really truly felt weird and creeped out by the robes and hoods.

That's the difference between cultures though--even between two western countries.

Oh, and FYI, you can purchase mini Nazareno figurines to play with at home:

Tinkerbell Half Marathon

At the end of January 2012, I believe the 29th, I will be running the brand-new Tinkerbell Half-Marathon at Disneyland.

I will never run a race at Disney World again (trust me, the roads are really horrible to run on), but Disneyland is flat.

Really flat.

Not that there are hills at either park, but the roads aren't slanted in Anaheim. All mucho flat. Which means no pain.

It's a women's race.

Which has made a lot of men on RunDisney mucho cranky whiners.

But it makes me happy.

Princess and Fairy Costumes are encouraged.

But I think my costume is retired.

I'm just gonna go for normal running gear.

Most importantly, running tights.

Running tights are just tight pants, not actually tights.

Ok, so maybe I'll put a sequin skirt over top of the pants.

Ok, so maybe I'm considering a Minnie Mouse look...with a red sequined, white polka-dot old minnie mouse headcovering from when I was 2 totally still fits me. Unfortunately, the actual dress part of the costume does not. I'm not even a women's size 2, a Child's 2T is out of the question. But I'm not really going to wear the headcover thing (it literally covers my entire head heck-up except for my face)...way too much wind resistance.

Actually, I'll probably just do a single color sequined pick the color:

Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Gold, or other suggestions welcome.

I wonder how many friends I can convince to run with me since many of them live within 30 minutes of Disneyland...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

RIP Casey

This morning I got news that I hoped I'd never get.

My friend Casey, from my Gateway family in NJ, passed away last night.

Casey was--and still is--a ginormous inspiration.

He's battled the tumors for years, but for as long as I've known him, he's had faith in God to deliver him.

His tumor came back. So he asked for prayer. He had surgery and all seemed fine.

Then it came back again. So he asked for prayer. He had surgery again. But they couldn't get it all. He asked for prayer.

The tumor(s) grew and were inoperable. Still he had faith and asked for prayer.

His ability to do the simplest things deteriorated. And still he prayed.

The more bad news he got, the harder he prayed and the greater his faith grew.

A friend told me she wasn't worried about him because when you go in his room to visit--there's no feeling of death. All you feel is life. That was just one week ago. It turned out to be a different feeling of life than we expected but life nonetheless, and Casey held onto that life till the very end.

We diligently prayed for deliverance and healing for Casey.

Now God has delivered and healed him for eternity.

I remember Casey saying that he most wanted to be healed so that he could join in with everyone jumping and dancing and singing in worship to God. His greatest desire was to praise God. And now he is up there in heaven doing just that. And he is shining bright in joyous wonder. I will hold onto that picture for the rest of my life.

I will miss you Casey. I hope you know how much you were loved. See ya on the other side friend.


Friday, April 15, 2011


I didn't take pictures at my brothers wedding. I really only took a couple pictures the entire 9 days...and those were of the dogs.

But, luckily other people did.

It was a whole weekend of events...Ping Pong with Susan Sarandon on Saturday (not really--just her ping pong place in ny), A night at Earl's Beer and Cheese (most AMAZING mac & cheese ever--made with goat cheese--and the best beer I've ever had...which isn't saying much but it was actually good. Smuttynose)

Sunday was anxiety-filled. Frankly I couldn't wait for the day to be over.

But the wedding was cool. In a bookstore in Soho. We all got a book with their story, descriptions of everyone who came to the wedding, and some excerpts from books/poems.
I'll put a pic of it up at some point.

Giant cupcakes for dessert.

And I'm talking giant.

One per table and there was leftovers.

But what was the best part was all the APU alumni.

Even RA Tiffany (upstairs, Middle Court Bowles, sophomore year).

Who once wrote me up.

I reminded her of that.

She didn't remember.

But like 7 years later we all laughed about it.

Also there were Micah and Amy Wallace. (Jon's nephew and niece).

I'd never met them.

But Micah is like Zach's best friend.

So he was there.

It was fun.

And of course Jeof & Zach (duh)...and CARNIE! My room/housemate for 2 years in CA. She's the Grace to my brother's Will. So obvi, she was there. But without Gary so I still haven't met him...

Here's most of the APU people:

I'm looking forward to seeing them again when I get out to CA.

Which unfortunately I have to postpone for a couple months.

Which makes me want to cry.

But I have to do it.

At least I got out of Atlanta for a little bit--that should hold me over a little while longer.

Computer Cord Saga: The Conclusion

So my brother got home Wednesday night and on Thursday morning he called me saying the computer cord was not in the apartment.

The worst case scenario poppped in my head first - What if it fell out of a bag on the sidewalk?

But I calmly decided to double-check all my bags and the car.

(I haven't exactly unpacked anything...I've just been rifling through it all for the past few days)

As soon as I left work last night, I checked the car.

No go.

So I decided to check Quincy's backpack.

It's a spiderman backpack.

He rocks it.

Anyway, I SWEAR I looked in the bag when I first went looking for the cord on Monday.

In fact, it was unzipped.

I guess I didn't check the little front pocket though.

I mean, why would I? It's small. I didn't think the cord would fit in there.

Well, evidently I did think the cord would fit in there when I put it in there on Saturday because there it was.

In all it's black, tangled glory.

I can't believe I've been using my old college Dell when I didn't have to...

although it's certainly made me appreciate my current computer a lot more.

I'm still trying to resist taking Black Beauty in my arms and hugging him.

PS. On a completely unrelated subject, can anyone tell me how the points system is different from the new points plus system?? (weight watchers points)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So yesterday at work I discovered that my computer cord wasn't in my computer bag. I had emptied a bunch of stuff out of it onto the couch that morning so I figured I just left it at the apartment.

Then I went home. And the cord was not on the couch or chair.

So I checked the car...maybe it fell out into the trunk.


So I went back in and checked all the bags (there were many).


Then I remembered that my computer bag had been full when I was packing up my stuff at my brother's apartment and set it aside until I could make room for it.

Can you guess where I'm going with this?

The cord is still at my brother's in NYC.

And he's still in England.

And I'm in Atlanta.

So now I get to use my old Dell from college this week. It's a good 6 years old.

Which is ancient in computerland.

Boy is it slow. And Small. I'm having issues with the keyboard.

And my Clear internet is not installed.

Which means no hulu or netflix until at least Saturday night.

I can't help but think, "If only I'd gone ahead and bought the macbook..." Cuz, if you lose or forget or whatever your electrical cord thing on a mac, you just pop over to the nearest Apple store and buy a new one. Any other brand and you have to have it special ordered.

My next computer will be a mac.

But Lord knows when that will be.

There are more pressing a new phone. And getting to Cali. And a treadmill. And cardio barre. And paying off my car. And a washer and dryer. Yeah...being grown-up kinda sucks. Can I go back to the days when I didn't have to pay for anything please?

Monday, April 11, 2011

3 Sheets to the Wind

That's how I felt when I pulled up to my apartment last night.

But I wasn't drunk.

At all.

I was just incredibly over-exhausted.

But I felt like I was fall-down drunk.

No joke.

My weekend was exhausting. But fun.

Saturday morning I left NYC and headed to Jersey.

I was meeting Julianne for coffee, but was early so I took Quincy for a walk at a park.

Had coffee. The barista looked exactly like a younger version of Russell Brand so I was thrilled.

Then we went over to another friend's house (her boyfriend's family).

Then I headed to Raven's. Where she gave me a manicure and tried to cut my finger off. It bled. A lot. It still hurts.

We had dinner and drinks when Jaime came home.

Try this: drop a shot of Malibu rum into a glass of lite beer. It's AMAZING.

Then Raven and I went over to Simon & Sara's apartment to see baby Tristan. Who is an absolute cutie-patootie.


He's so little and cute and good.

I didn't hold him though. Raven was a hog. And I didn't want him to cry. Babies tend to start crying when I hold them. It may have nothing to do with me, it's just like a hot-potato effect except instead of music stopping, the crying starts.

I didn't get to sleep till about midnight. Then I got up at 3:30am and left at 4am.

I went down via the peninsula and therefore got to cross over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel. It's both. Bridge, then tunnel, then bridge, then tunnel, then bridge. And it's 17.6 miles long. I remember having to cross it for the senior class trip in high school and one friend freaking out because she was petrified of bridges. And this one was 17 miles long. You can read the history here: Channel bridge/tunnel

Drove down to Virginia Beach to check out Regent University real quick and met up with Sean. I texted I was nearly there and he replied "i can put on some coffee" with other words around it. I replied "You had me at coffee"-- We've known each other for about 18 years now. Dude knows I love me some coffee. First we walked around the campus though. It's a beautiful campus. It reminds me of Williamsburg, but everything is new. So here are some pros and cons of Regent: Pros--it's beautiful, close to the beach, great contacts, it's southern but still northern enough to be okay, and, most importantly (hehe), Sean says there are quite a number of nice, strapping young men (it's a good thing he's getting married in a couple months or I'd start to wonder...), and also important, in addition to wawa, there is a coffeeshop a couple miles down the road that utilizes the pour-over method (thus serving amazing coffee).

The cons are somewhat obvious--it's a Pat Robertson school. It kinda creeps me out that his house/mansion is like smack dab in the middle of campus. And he has some serious personal security. And a painting of him hangs in the law building. The giant satellites for CBN also kinda creep me out.

The law school (left) and library (right) and fountain at Regent.

Creepy satellites to the left and then that building front and center houses the incredible theater...and a really bad wall mural/wallpaper with birds all over it.

But I may get over the creepy aspects in favor of 'strapping young men', wawa, and good coffee...and a chance to act (you know, when law school isn't weighing me down).

I then got in the car and drove another 10 hours. (I cut off an hour and a half total on the day's drive).

Friday, April 8, 2011

Strangers In The Night...

hahaha this picture cracks me up.

It's like I caught them doing something--like that picture that went around of the dog and cat canoodling on a couch a while back.

And that song plays in my mind...

"Strangers in the night, la dee da da da, strangers in the night..."

Ok, so the only part of that song I know is the first 4 words.

Today is my last full day in the city.

I hate to leave the city.

I don't hate to leave Amelia (puggle) though.

She puts the 'terrible 2's' to shame.

But then she sleeps and she's adorable.

Quincy is definitely ready to leave.

I feel like the two of them are about to come to blows.

Quincy keeps trying to take Amelia's bones.

Which does not make Amelia a happy camper.

And I just apologize to Quincy and sneak him one of his treats.

Cuz I forgot to bring his bones.

And I'm ready for new sleeping arrangements.

I sleep diagonally with one dog in each corner. But then they both get as close as possible and I can't even turn my body in any direction.

And Amelia steals all the blankets.

The first night Amelia was under the blanket, completely hidden from view, and Quincy accidentally laid on her. That was a fun moment...and the reason I started sleeping diagonally.

They both love to taunt each other in their own ways. Amelia gets in Quincy's face and follows him around like an annoying kid brother, while Quincy will lay on one of Amelia's toys or take one of her bones, or just lay by me and stare at Amelia.

Tomorrow I head to Jersey for half a day or so before heading back to Atlanta really really early via Virginia Beach (it's only an extra 2-3 hours and I want to see Regent's campus).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Working from home

Working from home comes with one problem.

The daily 2pm "I'm so sleepy I could fall asleep on my desk" issue.

Except right now I'm working with one dog cuddled up on both sides of me, with the freaky heater making lullaby noises.

And I'm falling asleep.

And because I'm working from home where no one can see me, I could actually fall asleep.

And no one would know.

If a tree falls in a forest but no one sees/hears it, did it really happen?

No...just like I did not fall asleep for 10 minutes.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So I'm dogsitting for my brother and Zach this week in NYC.

Quincy's here too.

He hates the city.

And Amelia.

Well, I don't think he hates Amelia, he just resents her.

Me? She's cute.

I love it when she's sleeping.

If she's not sleeping, MAJORLY high maintenance.

I think Quincy is begging to go to his nana's for the rest of the week. Which I would do if I had time to drive up to Saratoga Springs and back. Twice.

Walking them together is also interesting. They do alright though.

Although it's really not even been a whole 24 hours yet and I'm ready to go home.

Taking care of a high-energy dog that likes to play is exhausting.

On the plus side, Quincy has got to be losing weight this week. Hopefully I won't get yelled at next weekend at the vet. They like to give me judgy looks.

Friday, April 1, 2011

woot woot!

Gotta get through the work day and then I'm outta here!

Driving up to NYC tonight.

I know, I'm insane.

I drive 13 hours through the night by myself without sleeping.

It actually ends up being 14-15 with all the stops I make between 2:30am and sunrise.

I have to stop to wake up.

I was going to stop and get a hotel for 4 hours of sleep, but I just don't really have time. Or money. Hotels are expensive. And I can't stay in dumps. Plus I'll have the dog with me.

But it's ok. I do stop when I get tired. And I'll be drinking a lot of caffeine.

And I have a trick. I suck on blow pops. That helps keep me awake.

No joke.

So about 8 or 9am tomorrow I should be getting into the city...and then finding a parking spot on the street cuz I'm not really okay with paying upwards of $30/day to park my car in a garage lot.

Then I have to lug my crap. I would have less stuff if New York would cooperate and not be cold in April. But it's not going to cooperate so I have to bring my coats. And my professional business clothes. And all my other clothes. And shoes. I am going to be there for 8 days. Still don't have an umbrella though...really need to get one. And the dog. I'll have him and his stuff (food, blanket, bear)...I'll probably just find the parking spot, take the dog to my brother's apartment and drag him, zach and carnie back to the car to help me unload.