Friday, April 15, 2011


I didn't take pictures at my brothers wedding. I really only took a couple pictures the entire 9 days...and those were of the dogs.

But, luckily other people did.

It was a whole weekend of events...Ping Pong with Susan Sarandon on Saturday (not really--just her ping pong place in ny), A night at Earl's Beer and Cheese (most AMAZING mac & cheese ever--made with goat cheese--and the best beer I've ever had...which isn't saying much but it was actually good. Smuttynose)

Sunday was anxiety-filled. Frankly I couldn't wait for the day to be over.

But the wedding was cool. In a bookstore in Soho. We all got a book with their story, descriptions of everyone who came to the wedding, and some excerpts from books/poems.
I'll put a pic of it up at some point.

Giant cupcakes for dessert.

And I'm talking giant.

One per table and there was leftovers.

But what was the best part was all the APU alumni.

Even RA Tiffany (upstairs, Middle Court Bowles, sophomore year).

Who once wrote me up.

I reminded her of that.

She didn't remember.

But like 7 years later we all laughed about it.

Also there were Micah and Amy Wallace. (Jon's nephew and niece).

I'd never met them.

But Micah is like Zach's best friend.

So he was there.

It was fun.

And of course Jeof & Zach (duh)...and CARNIE! My room/housemate for 2 years in CA. She's the Grace to my brother's Will. So obvi, she was there. But without Gary so I still haven't met him...

Here's most of the APU people:

I'm looking forward to seeing them again when I get out to CA.

Which unfortunately I have to postpone for a couple months.

Which makes me want to cry.

But I have to do it.

At least I got out of Atlanta for a little bit--that should hold me over a little while longer.

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